SwiftSwitch - From Limited to Umbrella

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As a Contractor or Freelancer, unplanned and unexpected contracts may mean that at some point of the financial year, it could be more financially efficient to operate through an Umbrella Company. 

Your solution is Gorilla SwiftSwitch.

SwiftSwitch allows you to seamlessly jump between operating structures - whether this may be through a Limited Company or Gorilla Payroll - our Umbrella Solution.

As part of our all-inclusive contractor package for just £85 plus VAT, we’re giving you complimentary access to SwiftSwitch. 


To find out more or get started today you can contact our team at info@gorillaccounting.com or by phoning us on 0330 024 0406

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Become an Employee of Gorilla Umbrella 

Whilst we handle the day to day running of your business and run your contract through our payroll service, you’ll effectively become an employee of Gorilla Umbrella.

Our HMRC compliant, payroll solution will take care of your National Insurance Contributions and Income Tax, along with providing Statutory Employment Rights and Insurance Protection. 

Find out more about Gorilla Umbrella  


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