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Gorilla Accounting is a forward-thinking, technology-driven solution to all your accountancy needs. We specialise in the delivery of accounting services for the self-employed including contractors, freelancers and small business owners.

Gorilla Accounting was founded in 2015 after a group of specialist accountants, with decades of experience between them, decided that accounting shouldn’t be a laborious process packed with incomprehensible jargon, extortionate charges, hidden fees and an accountant that’s never to be seen.

Gorilla’s founders have strong backgrounds in accountancy and corporate finance with vast experience in the small business and start up environments. We were once a startup ourselves and we understand the challenges that small business owners can face, including finding the right accountant in a saturated industry.

Expert Accountancy Packages

Our accountancy packages are tailored for the self-employed and small business owners and our accountants have vast experience across a wide range of sectors. When you appoint Gorilla, you’ll work with your own dedicated accountant who will be on hand to offer you unlimited support and advice.

Our fees are transparent with no hidden surprises and for a great value fixed monthly fee, all your accounting needs will be taken care of. Our service includes preparation and submission of financial statements, corporation tax returns, quarterly VAT returns and preparation and submission of one basic self-assessment tax return. You’ll also receive ongoing tax payment reminders, quarterly reviews of your bookkeeping data and unlimited support and advice including tax planning advice to maximise your take home pay and much more.

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£ 110 +VAT p/m
  • We're the top-rated accountants for contractors operating through a limited company.
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Landlords &

£ 50 +VAT p/m
  • We are expert specialist accountants for landlords, buy-to-let and property investors.
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Self-Employed &
Sole Traders

£ 50 +VAT p/m
  • Simple, proactive, hassle-free accounting for sole traders and self-employed people.


£ 110 +VAT p/m
  • Expert, experienced accountants for freelancers operating across all sectors and industries.

Small Businesses
& SMEs

  • Great value, all-inclusive bespoke accountancy packages for small businesses and SMEs.


  • Top-rated accountants for Locums, Contractors, Social Media Influencers, Developers and more.

FreeAgent Accounting Software

All Gorilla clients receive full access to FreeAgent included at no extra cost in our great value fixed-fee accountancy packages. FreeAgent has won multiple awards and is the industry standard within the contractor accounting software sector. It’s trusted by over 100,000 contractors, freelancers and small business owners.

FreeAgent gives you the power to run your business from anywhere including sending invoices, estimates and payment reminders, tracking expenses, staying on top of your tax affairs and monitoring cash flow.

FreeAgent’s powerful automation functionality means that tax returns are calculated and generated in the background while you work and can be electronically submitted to HMRC at the click of a button. This will save you a significant amount of time which can be spent on core business activities.

Automated bank feeds upload transactions from your account so you can easily reconcile and categorise your transactions, and easy payment gateway integration makes it simple for your clients to securely pay you online.

FreeAgent enables you to see the bigger financial picture by bringing together key financial information in a dashboard that enables you to get a real-time overview of key metrics and the financial health of your business and is fully Making Tax Digital compliant.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns

We understand that time is a precious commodity for small business owners and contractors and the last thing you need is to be struggling with your self-assessment tax return (SATR). Completing your SATR isn’t easy without specialist knowledge and it can be a frustrating and lengthy process.  You also need to be sure that you’re paying the correct amount of tax to avoid involvement from HMRC.

Gorilla Accounting are expert self-assessment accountants with vast experience handling tax returns for the self-employed. We can take care of your tax return giving you peace of mind knowing that your self-assessment will be completed and submitted to HMRC correctly and on time and that your tax affairs are in order. This will also free up more of your time to focus on core business activities.

Self Assessment Form
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Limited Company Formation

There are various operating structures contractors can choose – limited company, umbrella company, sole trader or a partnership. The majority of contractors set up as a limited company as this generally offers the best tax planning opportunities as well as protection of your personal assets through limited liability.

We can offer guidance and advice on the best structure for your business. Setting up a limited company might seem daunting but our Company Formation Accountants are experts in this area and have incorporated thousands of companies and will guide you through the process from start to finish. Our company formation service is just £100 +VAT and we can usually have your limited company set up the same day.

Registered Office Service

If you’re going to incorporate your business, you’ll need to choose a registered office address for official documents to be sent to, including correspondence from HMRC. If you use your personal address it will be publicly displayed on Companies House, but many contractors prefer to maintain a boundary between their personal life and work life and want to keep their address out of the public domain.

For just £10 +VAT per month Gorilla Accounting provide a registered office service. If you appoint us as your accountant and use us as your registered office address, your tax and financial correspondence will be sent directly to your accountant which means it will be dealt with promptly and you won’t have to spend time scanning or posting documents.

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Contractor Insurance

As a contractor, there are various types of business insurance you can take out to protect you and your company. Contractors have to be prepared to face risk and come under scrutiny and unforeseen circumstances can happen including someone taking legal action against your business.

The main types of business insurance include professional indemnity which provides protection for your business if a client makes a claim against you for loss of income due to an error in services you have provided. Public liability offers protection if a third party takes legal action against you due to an injury suffered as a result of your company’s services.

If an employee of your limited company makes a compensation claim against you due to an injury suffered due to their employment, employers’ liability insurance will protect you. The type(s) of insurance needed varies depending on the nature of your business.

Gorilla Accounting has partnered with contractor insurance experts Qdos to provide award-winning specialist cover and protection for your company. You can find out more about business insurance here and get a quote from Qdos here.

Business Bank Accounts

If you contract through a limited company, you’re legally required to have a business bank account. Your limited company is a separate legal entity from you, and your business bank account must be separate from your personal bank account.

If you operate as a sole trader, a business bank account isn’t a legal requirement but there are many benefits of having one. These include making your finances much easier to manage by separating business and personal transactions, better access to business credit and loan facilities and creating a more professional impression on your clients.

As part of our accounting service we can assist you with opening a business bank account. This is why Gorilla Accounting has partnered with Mettle, the 100% free business bank account by NatWest. Mettle is built for contractors, freelancers and small businesses and integrates with FreeAgent to make bookkeeping a breeze. You can find out more about business bank accounts and Mettle here or apply for a Mettle account in minutes here.

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Contractor Mortgages

It can be more challenging for contractors to get a mortgage compared to people in conventional employment. The main issue is that contractor income can be unpredictable and because it tends to vary, lenders view contractors as higher risk than people who receive a fixed salary each month. Therefore, certain restrictions can be imposed.

If you can provide evidence of sustainable and relatively consistent income, this will increase your chances of being approved. This will usually mean providing your accounts for the last few years as well as bank statements and tax returns. Proof of forthcoming contracts may also be considered. If you have a solid credit history and can prove a stable income, a mortgage can usually be secured.

Working with a specialist broker that understands the contracting industry is also key. This is why Gorilla has partnered with Roots Mortgages to provide specialist contractor mortgages for our clients. Roots have access to over 12,000 mortgages from over 90 lenders and will be able to find you the right mortgage based on your circumstances. You can read more about contractor mortgages and Roots here and submit an enquiry to Roots here.

Gorilla is the solution to all your accounting needs:

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When you appoint Gorilla Accounting, you receive full access to FreeAgent at no extra cost included in our accountancy packages. FreeAgent is award-winning industry-standard accounting software that has a host of benefits for your business. Comprehensive automation takes care of many laborious admin tasks and is a huge time saver. Your tax submissions are calculated automatically and you get a real-time overview of the financial position and health of your business, as well as your tax liability.

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If you're fed up with slow response times from your current accountant for even the simplest of questions, you will love our client service guarantee. Not only do we provide you with your own dedicated, proactive accountant who will be on hand to offer unlimited support and advice, but if you contact us with a query before 3pm on any working day, we guarantee to respond to you the same day or we’ll issue you with a £50 payment.

We are proud of the exemplary level of service we provide to our clients and our glowing Trustpilot reviews are testament to this.

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Our Contractor Tax Calculator is a useful tool to get an indication of your take home pay as well as the tax on your salary and National Insurance contributions due. This can help you to budget ahead by forecasting cash flow.

If you’re a sole trader, the calculator can give you an indication of how much your take home pay could increase if you incorporate and split your remuneration between a combination of salary and draw the rest down as dividends.

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IR35 is a UK tax initiative designed to reduce tax avoidance by tackling disguised employment. The aim is to prevent employers from engaging employees on a contract basis to avoid providing employment benefits and paying Employers National Insurance Contributions.

It’s important to correctly establish whether you are operating inside or outside IR35 to ensure you pay the correct amount of tax on your income and to avoid penalties from HMRC. Gorilla have partnered with IR35 specialists Qdos who can help you successfully navigate the complex IR35 rules by reviewing your contract and working practices to provide an opinion on your IR35 status and to help ensure you remain compliant.

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As a Gorilla Accounting client, you have access to Gorilla Perks which offers some of the best rates on products and services for your business. We have partnered with specialist providers that understand the needs of self-employed people to provide the best deals on Contractor Insurance, Contractor Mortgages, Business Bank Accounts and much more.

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