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Gorilla Accounting is a technology driven, accountancy solution. We specialise in the delivery of services for the freelancer and contractor industry.

Gorilla Accounting was born after a group of specialist accountants with decades of experience amongst them, decided that accounting shouldn’t be a laborious process packed with incomprehensible jargon, extortionate charges and a personal accountant that’s never to be seen.


Contractor Accountancy Package

Gorilla offer a full contractor accountancy package, to achieve this, we offer a range of different services which are included in our complete package.
24/7 access to our online bookkeeping tool, your own dedicated accountant and so much more is included within the Gorilla service.
We have developed strong relationships with contractors and freelancers and it’s this experience which has enabled us to develop the perfect accountancy package.


Online Accounting Software

Upon joining Gorilla, you’ll be given 24/7 access to our online accounting software FreeAgent. FreeAgent is the industry standard within the contracting industry and is trusted by over 54,000 contractors and freelancers. FreeAgent provides real time statistics which can be used to give you a better understanding of your accounts.
Using online accounting software is the best way to keep control over your accounts and provides you with access to your accounts in real time so you can keep up to date with the things that matter most.


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Limited Company Formation

When becoming a contractor, there will be several ways that you can choose to operate. One possible route that should be considered would be to work as a limited company director. If you are looking to be contracting for over three months and are earning more than 25,000 annually then a limited company may be more suitable as you will benefit most from the tax planning opportunities available.
We can offer guidance which will help towards setting up a limited company which you can take a look at on our website.


Contractor Insurance

As a contractor, there are various insurance covers that you are required to have by law. Insurance is essential for any business and will protect you.
Dependant on how you may be working, there are a few different types of insurance that you will need to keep in mind. Professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, employer liability insurance and cyber and data risks insurance should all be considered when becoming a contractor.


Bank Accounts for Contractors

When you start out as a contractor, you will be required to open a business bank account. Your limited company must be separate to your personal account.

As part of the Gorilla package we can assist with opening a business bank account. See our Bank Accounts for Contractors page for more details.


Contractor Mortgages

Securing as a mortgage when contracting is high-risk. Due to the flexibility of contracting, certain lenders place certain restrictions. Gorilla Accounting can put you in touch with a contractor mortgage specialist. For more information, visit our Contractor Mortgages page.


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Gorilla has various solutions to suit your contracting needs:

Who we work with

Your tax in trusted handsIn recent years, the demand for Contractors and Freelancers has significantly risen and is quickly becoming a top choice for many across a growing number of sectors, so it’s essential that your tax affairs are in trusted hands.Here at Gorilla, we aim to make accounting as painless and hassle-fr...

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Limited Company Accountants

Contracting through a Limited Company with Gorilla AccountingAt Gorilla Accounting, we aim to keep everything simple and straight-forward. We offer just one all-inclusive package which covers everything for you personally and your Limited Company. Regardless of your profession, sector or turnover, you get the same pack...

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Accountants for Sole Traders

From IT consultants and business analysts, to architects, it has never been easier to offer your skills to businesses, both from home to across the nation.As a sole trader, working for yourself as a non-limited entity means that you are the business, and for those with little or no accounting experience, keeping on top...

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Landlord and Property Accountants

For landlordsand property owners.Whether you're about to take your first plunge into property investment or you already have a burgeoning portfolio in place, Gorilla Accounting can help you to successfully manage your buy to let finances.We've combined our straightforward approach to accounting with a simple, transpare...

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Umbrella Company For Contractors

A straightforward, hassle-free umbrella solution for Contractors.Gorilla Accounting are an established accountancy firm for Contractors, Freelancers and Self-Employed Professionals. We provide a specialist accountancy service for contractors trading through a Limited Company. If this isn’t quite for you, Gorilla Payrol...

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Switch Accountants

Unhappy with your current Accountant? Looking to switch?Gorilla Accounting have developed a streamlined system to help you switch accountants and get joined up and enjoying our services in no time!Contractors tend to stick with their current accountant, even if they aren't particularly happy with the service provided. ...

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Forming a Limited Company

If you are simply looking to set up a limited company and looking for assistance from an expert, Gorilla can help.  As accounting experts, we are more than qualified to assist you with setting up your limited company.  There are many benefits to operating through a limited company. These include:Tax Efficiency –  Typic...

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Accounting & Banking for Contractors

When you start out as a contractor, you will be required to open a business bank account. Your limited company will need to be separate from your personal account.Where do I start?When getting started, the easiest option would be to use your personal banking provider. However, as convenient and simple as it may be, not...

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Contractors Insurance

Do I need Insurance as a Contractor?The simple answer is yes. Like any other business, Contractors and Freelancers will need to take out insurance to protect their Company, their clients, any employees and the public.[embed width="680" height="382" class="leftAlone" thumbnail="https://i.ytimg.com/vi/wIdqkEfCfYc/hqdefau...

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Online Accountancy Software

By joining Gorilla, you’ll have full access to FreeAgent at no extra cost.We have partnered with FreeAgent to provide our clients with the latest cloud bookkeeping software on the market. FreeAgent is trusted by over 60,000 freelancers, contractors and small businesses.Run your business from anywhere. Snap an invoice, ...

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Recruitment Agency Services

Whether you're an independent recruiter or a nationwide franchise, finding an accountancy firm that you can recommend to your candidates with complete confidence is essential when it comes to building a trusting relationship.Any recommendations you make should meet the high standards expected from your own agency, refl...

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What is Ava?Ava is a virtual personal assistant or virtual receptionist that can take care of the customer service, capture every incoming sales lead, and help you grow your client base. They can even field those pesky sales calls!The best thing about Ava’s virtual service is that it can do the work of 2 full time empl...

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Contractor Mortgages

Freelancer FinancialsGorilla Accounting has chosen Freelancer Financials as our partner to provide mortgages for contractors, freelancers and independent professionals.The London-based specialist brokerage has provided bespoke contractor mortgages for over fifteen years. If you need insurance, they'll also provide the ...

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