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Gorilla Accounting is a technology driven, accountancy solution. We specialise in the delivery of services for freelancers, contractors and small businesses.

Gorilla Accounting was born after a group of specialist accountants with decades of experience amongst them, decided that accounting shouldn’t be a laborious process packed with incomprehensible jargon, extortionate charges and a personal accountant that’s never to be seen.

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£ 95 +VAT p/m
  • Find out more how Gorilla Accounting has been helping the needs of Contractors & Freelancers.
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Sole Trader /

£ 50 +VAT p/m
  • Find out more how Gorilla Accounting has been helping the needs of Contractors & Freelancers.
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For Landlords

£ 45 +VAT p/m
  • Find out more how Gorilla Accounting has been helping the needs of Buy-to-Let investors & Landlords.
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Small Business

  • Whether a fresh start-up or an established company, our accounting services have been created to take away some of the pressure.
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R&D Tax Claim

  • If your business is spending money on research and development, you could be eligible to claim R&D tax credits.

Gorilla has various solutions to suit your contracting needs:


By joining Gorilla, you’ll have full access to FreeAgent at no extra cost.We have partnered with FreeAgent to provide our clients with the latest cloud bookkeeping software on the market. FreeAgent is trusted by over 60,000 freelancers, contractors and small businesses.Run your business from anywhere. Snap an invoice, ...

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If you're tired of waiting days for a response from your accountant for the most simplest of questions you will love our client service guarantee. Not only do we provide contractors and freelancers with your own dedicated accountant, unlimited support and are pro-active in ensuring that you are compliant and acting as ...

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What really matters is your take home pay after taxLet's be honest, aside from the legal structures, the tax compliance, the PL and EL insurances, what really matters is how much you will take home each month.Those who suggest innovative tax scheme solutions which promise a take home pay of '90% of your income' amongst...

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Here's our understanding of the IR35 legislation reform which came into effect on April 6, 2017. IR35, or Intermediaries Legislation, is tax legislation that has been around since the turn of the century. It is intended to prevent what is known as ‘disguised employment’, where an individual that would otherwise be an e...

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Did you know that as a client of Gorilla, you have access to some of the best rates on products and services for your business? We have put together a highly exclusive panel of specialist products/services that will help to make your life a little easier...