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Company Formation

If you're a contractor or freelancer looking to set up a limited company, we can help!

There are many benefits to operating through a limited company, these include:

More Tax Efficient – In other words, your take home pay will be more.

Expenses – Ability to claim a wide array of expenses which ultimately can be used for corporation tax, again, resulting in more take home pay for you.

Protection – Limited liability means your personal assets (home, car, investments) should be protected in the event the Company becomes insolvent.

Freedom – Running your own Limited Company you have the choice of when and where to work.

Flexibility – Your Limited Company can be used for all types of contract – short/fixed/inside and outside of IR35.

I’m ready to set up my limited company (£50+VAT)

We understand that setting up a limited company may be a new experience for you. Thankfully the Gorilla Accounting team have done this thousands of times and can assist you every step of the way. We can have your company set up the same day!

Before you start our formation process you will need to pick your company name, you can check if the name is available here.

The fee to set up a limited company is £50 + VAT and includes the following:

Registration of your company with Companies House
Certificate of incorporation 
Share certificates

Business bank account application
VAT registration

Memorandum and articles of association
VAT flat rate scheme registration

Fill in the form to start the process, alternatively if you would prefer to talk it through first, then give us a call on 0330 024 0406.

Company Formation - Fees and Refund Policy

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