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Client Service Guarantee T&C's

  1. Offer is open to Customers of Gorilla Accounting (i.e. Companies who are current subscribers to our Accountancy package) and is applicable to enquiries made by phone on 0330 024 0406 or emails sent or copied to on a working day prior to 3pm.

  2.  “Working day” refers to Monday to Friday with the exception of office closure dates. The office will be closed on all statutory bank holidays and in the Christmas period (Usually from 1pm on 24 December until 9am on 2 January unless otherwise advised). The office may be closed due to an unforeseen reason such as power failure or another reason in which the office cannot open (Force Majeure). We will take reasonable steps to notify Customers of office closures in particular unexpected closures.  Gorilla Accounting may at its sole discretion operate a skeleton staff during office closure dates in which limited support may be offered.  In such circumstances the office is still considered to be closed for the purposes of this guarantee and enquiries will be answered as soon as practical.  Customers are encouraged to consider what (if any) support they may need prior to prolonged office closure periods such as the Christmas period.
  3. We will seek to respond via the same medium (phone or email), however in the event that we are unable to reach you via phone we reserve the right to email a response.

  4. For email correspondence please ensure that your email is copied or sent direct to before 3pm. This ensures that emails are received even in the event that your dedicated accountant is not available for any reason.  We regret that we are unable to uphold any claims for compensation for emails which have not been sent or copied to this email address.
  5. We will endeavor to provide you with a full response on the same day however, dependent on the query and staff availability, there may be occasions in which this is not possible. In such a case we will provide you with an acknowledgement of your query and will seek to provide a full response as soon as possible.
  6. Same day response will be provided as soon as possible and in any event no later than 23.59pm on the same day.
  7. If you believe that we have failed to meet this guarantee please send an email to within 21 days of the alleged failure and, subject to the failure being upheld, we will arrange for £50.00 to be transferred into your account. We regret that we are unable to consider alleged failures outside of this time frame.
  8. Compensation payments will be limited to £50.00 per calendar day on which any failure(s) allegedly occurred.

  9. In the event of a customer sending multiple emails or making multiple calls before receiving a response then, unless otherwise stated, the subsequent response by Gorilla Accounting will be deemed as a response to all unanswered queries on that day for the purposes of this promise.
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Client Service Guarantee T&C's
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