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Gorilla Accounting - December Prize Draw T&C's

Gorilla Accounting - December Prize Draw T&C's

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  1. A. General Terms

    1. The promoter of this Competition is Gorilla Accounting Limited (“Gorilla”) (Company Number: 08583898) whose registered office is Ground Floor Unit B Lynstock Office Park Lynstock Way, Lostock, Bolton, BL6 4SG.  Any questions concerning the Competition should be addressed to

    2. This Competition is open to any new client of Gorilla who meet the eligibility criteria as set out in the below terms (“Entrant”).  No responsibility is accepted for an attempted Entrant who fails to meet the eligibility criteria.

    3. By entering the Competition, an Entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions (“Terms”).

    4. Gorilla reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition and these Terms without notice in the event of a catastrophe, war, civil or military disturbance, act of God or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event outside of Gorilla’s control.  Any changes to the competition will be notified to entrants as soon as possible by Gorilla.

    5. Attention is drawn to section F which details how your personal data will be obtained and process in line with the General Data Protection Directive (GDPR).

    6. The Competition and these terms and conditions will be governed by English law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

    7. The Competition is only open to Entrants who are residents of England, Wales and Scotland.

    8. The winner agrees to the use of his/her name and image in any publicity material, as well as their entry. Any personal data relating to the winner or any other Entrants will be used solely in accordance with GDPR and will not be disclosed to a third party without the Entrant’s prior consent save for their name being available upon request as per A9 below.

    9. The winner’s names will be available from 15 January 2020 by contacting Gorilla using the contact details at A1. 

    10. This Competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Apple Inc, Inc, Costa Limited, Hotel Chocolat Group or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries.


     B. Entry

    1. This competition is open to any new client of Gorilla enters into engagement terms between 1st December 2019 and 24th December 2019 (“Entrants”). 

    2. To enter the Competition an entrant must be a new client of Gorilla within the relevant period. For the purposes of this Competition a new client of Gorilla refers to a customer who instructs Gorilla within the relevant period to provide them with contractor accounting services via a Limited company (otherwise known as a “Personal Service Company”) and pays Gorilla an appropriate fee for said services in accordance with the Engagement agreed with Gorilla.

    3. The relevant period for the purposes of this competition is 1st December 2019 until 24th December 2019.  All new client’s of Gorilla during this period will automatically be entered into the Competition. Should a potential entrant be unsure whether they are eligible for the Competition or wish to withdraw from the Competition then they should contact Gorilla using the contact details provided at A1 of these Terms.

    4. Gorilla retains sole discretion to decide whether or not an Entrant is eligible for entry into the Competition and may exercise this discretion at any appropriate point.  Gorilla will review all Entrants both from time to time and prior to awarding the prize.  Gorilla will remove any Entrants that it deems to be ineligible for any appropriate reason such as but not limited to breaching these Terms or bringing this competition and/or Gorilla into disrepute.  Gorilla will have no duty to inform any Entrant that they have been removed from the Competition.  Gorilla may at its sole discretion inform Entrants that they have been removed or are at risk of removal e.g. if a client has not paid fees to Gorilla then the Entrant may be informed so the situation can be rectified.

    5. There are no additional fees or costs associated with entering this Competition.


    C. Ticket

    1. Every Entrant to the Competition will be allocated one Gorilla Ticket (“Ticket”) upon becoming a new client of Gorilla.  A Ticket represents an entry into one or more draw(s) as described in the below Terms.

    2. In case of a dispute then, Gorilla’s decision concerning the awarding and/or removal of Tickets will be final.

    3. Tickets have no value save for as an entry into the draw for this Competition.  Tickets cannot be traded, bartered, gifted, used in any other competition that Gorilla may run or otherwise redeemed.


    D. Prize

    1. The Competition has the following 17 prizes:

    3 x Gorilla Merchandise bags (which will contain various Gorilla branded merchandise including sports bottle, hot drinks cup and wireless charger as a minimum)

    1 x Apple Airpods (AirPods with Charging Case)

    2 x £100 Amazon Gift Vouchers         

    2 x £50 Amazon Gift Vouchers           

    1 x 2 months free (to the value of £178+VAT. i.e. £89+VAT per month)   

    2 x Chocolate Hamper (The Everything Chocolate Gift Hamper Collection, Hotel Chocolat)

    6 x £10.00 Costa Coffee Gift Voucher


    2.Gorilla will allocate the above 17 prizes to each working day in the month of December between 1st December 2019 until 24th December 2019 (17 working days in total).  Gorilla will publish details of which prize has been allocated to which working day at its sole discretion. 

    3. Gorilla anticipates that the announcement of the prize for a particular working day will be made at some point during that working day on one or more of its social media channels.  However, Gorilla reserves the sole discretion concerning how and when the announcement concerning a particular working day’s prize is announced.  For example Gorilla may announce prize(s) associated with a particular working day on another day either before or after the day in question.

    4. Entrants take part in the Competition on the strict understanding that they may be unaware of which prize is associated with the draw(s) that their Ticket is eligible for either at the point of becoming a new client or at all. 

    5. Should an Entrant be dissatisfied with the terms specified at D4 then they are asked to withdraw from the competition in accordance with B1.  Gorilla will not accept any complaint from an Entrant who is dissatisfied that the draw(s) that they are eligible for was not for the prize(s) that they desired.

    6. Save as mentioned in D11 below there will be no substitution of prizes.  Should a winning Entrant not wish to receive their prize then Gorilla then they may refuse the same but will not receive any alternative.

    7. Winning Entrants have 28 days from date of notification of their prize to provide Gorilla with relevant details (as appropriate) to receive their prize.  Should a winning Entrant not provide details within this 28-day period then Gorilla may declare the prize to be unclaimed.

    8. Following receipt of relevant details from a winning Entrant then Gorilla will use best endeavours to send the prize as soon as practical.  If a winning Entrant has not received their prize within 56 days of providing relevant details, then they are requested to contact Gorilla using the details at A1.

    9. Gorilla has the sole discretion to decide how to allocate or otherwise dispose of any unclaimed or refused prizes.

    10. All Entrants may only win one prize in the competition.  If an Entrant wins a prize then they are ineligible for any further prizes.

    11. Gorilla will use best endeavours to provide the prizes as noted at D1.   However, in the event that Gorilla is unable to provide any prize(s) then Gorilla may at its sole discretion substitute the prize for another prize of equal or higher value to the relevant prize.


    E. Draw

    1. Each Ticket will automatically be allocated to one draw.  The allocation for this one draw will be as follows:

    • Any client that signs their engagement terms either after 5pm on a Friday, all day on Saturday, all day on Sunday or before 5pm on Monday will be automatically entered into “Monday’s draw”.
    • Any client that signs their engagement terms either after 5pm on a Monday or before 5pm on Tuesday will be automatically entered into “Tuesday’s draw”.
    • Any client that signs their engagement terms either after 5pm on a Tuesday or before 5pm on Wednesday will be automatically entered into “Wednesday’s draw”.
    • Any client that signs their engagement terms either after 5pm on a Wednesday or before 5pm on Thursday will be automatically entered into “Thursday’s draw”.
      • Any client that signs their engagement terms either after 5pm on a Thursday or before 5pm on Friday will be automatically entered into “Friday’s draw”.

    2. Each random draw will take place either on the day immediately following the named draw date or at a date immediately following this one in the event that the day following is not a working day.  For example, “Monday’s draw” will ordinarily take place on the Tuesday and “Friday’s draw” will ordinarily take place on the Monday providing that such date is a working day.  Gorilla do reserve the right to bring a draw date forward but only when this will not cause any detriment to Entrants.  For example, Gorilla may conduct Monday’s draw on the Monday but only after all eligible Entrants had been identified (i.e. the draw would have to take place after 5pm on the Monday).

    3. Each Ticket is only automatically allocated to one draw and this draw will be the next available draw.  For example, a new client who signs their engagement terms before 5pm on Monday 2 December 2019 will be entered into the draw for Monday 2 December 2019 but will not automatically be entered into the draw for Monday 9 December 2019, Monday 16 December 2019 etc.

    4. Should there be a single Entrant into any draw, i.e. should only one new client be automatically entered, then the draw will still take place, however it is expected that the Entrant will automatically win the corresponding prize for that draw.

    5. Should there be no eligible Entrants for any particular draw then all eligible Entrants from all previous draws, who have not yet won a prize, will have their Tickets entered into the draw for that day. For example, if there are no new sign ups eligible for the Tuesday 10 December 2019 draw, then all Tickets which did not win a prize from Monday 2 December 2019 until Monday 9 December 2019.  There is no limit on the number of draw’s that a Ticket can be entered in this way however once an Entrant wins a prize they are no longer eligible for their Ticket to be entered in any future draw.

    6. There is no obligation on Gorilla to publicly reveal occasions in which clauses E4 or E5 have been triggered.

    7. Gorilla reserves its right but is not obligated to publicise the random draw including transmitting the same on Social media.  Entrants are reminded that should the same be published then the winner’s name (but no other details) will be announced.

    8. Gorilla reserves the right at its sole discretion to appoint an independent adjudicator to either conduct and/or oversee the draw.  Gorilla’s decision in this regard is final.

    9. Following the draw Gorilla will contact the winner via email.  The winner will then have 28 working days in which to contact Gorilla to make arrangements to claim the prize.

    10. Gorilla’s decision in respect of the award of the prize is final.


    F. Fair Processing Notice in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 (which incorporates the obligations of GDPR)

    1. Gorilla acknowledges that the Data Protection Act 2018 will apply to this Competition.  Gorilla therefore provides this notice to clarify how your data is obtained and used in accordance with this Competition.  Save unless otherwise specified below we will process your information in accordance with the general Data Protection terms that you accepted as a client of Gorilla.

    2. The information provided in respect of the Competition, where this differs from any personal information provided as a client of Gorilla, will be used for the purposes of administrating the competition, keeping you informed about the Competition (including as appropriate the notification of the winner) and for the provision of future marketing communications about Gorilla offers and services.  Your information will not be shared with any third parties unless you specifically provide your consent to this.

    3. This information will be held in a secure database which can only be accessed by the marketing and new business team and will not be released to anyone outside of this team or any third party.  The marketing team may discuss your individual entry with other members of the Gorilla team for to sole purpose of establishing claims for Tickets.  For example the marketing team may speak with your accountant to check that you are still a client of Gorilla prior to entering your Ticket into another draw as described in E5.

    4. Entrants are reminded that, should they win a prize, then their name (and only their name) may be publicised by Gorilla in their marketing efforts (including social media) and may also be publicly available via a request to A9.  Gorilla is under no obligation to publish details in this way but reserve their right to do so.

    5. Entrants are also reminded that their personal details may be requested and made available to any law enforcement bodies.  For example, the Advertising Standards Authority, the Gambling Commission or other relevant authorities may wish to verify details pertaining to the competition and may seek your personal data to carry out such verification.

    6. Should you have any concerns about the use of your personal data or wish to invoke any of your rights as defined in the GDPR then please contact Gorilla either at or using the information at A1.


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