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Do you need Contractor Insurance?

When you’re self-employed as a contractor or freelancer, you don’t receive employment benefits such as statutory sick pay, and you have to work to earn. Unfortunately, accidents can happen that might prevent you from working, as well as errors while doing your job.

Should a claim be made against you as a self-employed person, the responsibility and potential costs, including legal costs and compensation to rectify the situation, sits with you.

Contractor insurance is a range of insurance policies designed to protect self-employed contractors and freelancers against various potential liabilities that may occur, as well as protecting their income should they be unable to work.

Having certain contractor insurance policies in place, such as professional indemnity cover, can be a prerequisite for potential clients to work with you. The level of insurance and the type of insurance that is required usually depends on the client and the nature of the work being undertaken.

The cost of contractor insurance is borne by the limited company rather than the directors personally.

Award-winning Contractor Insurance from Qdos

There’s nothing quite like being your own boss but being self-employed means that you have to be prepared to face risks and come under scrutiny. Contractor Insurance provides the confidence and peace of mind that you’re protected against unforeseen circumstances should a claim be made against you, or if you’re unable to work due to an injury or illness.

This is why Gorilla Accounting has partnered with Qdos. As long-standing industry experts, Qdos specialise in providing award-winning contractor insurance that makes insuring and protecting your company and your income simple.

Qdos have been insuring small businesses for over 30 years. It’s this experience that makes them the trusted go-to insurer for contractors and the self-employed, whether they operate through a limited company or personal ownership.

Qdos takes an innovative and personal approach to contractor insurance with a proven track record and tailored, flexible solutions. You’ll receive expert advice and once covered you’ll be assigned your own dedicated Account Manager so no getting passed from pillar to post!

Qdos understand the unique challenges that contractors face which is why they were named The Best Contractor Insurance provider for two years running at the Contractor UK Awards, the Best Contractor Insurance Provider or Broker at The Contracting Awards 2023 and have received a Feefo Platinum Trusted Service award.

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What types of Contractor Insurance are there?

Contractor insurance is an umbrella term that covers various different types of insurance that might be used by contractors and freelancers. Several policies might have to be combined to provide the right level of protection that’s needed for you, your turnover and your industry

Mistakes can sometimes happen, and it’s possible that if you make one while undertaking your work it can have a negative financial impact on one of your clients.

Professional Indemnity insurance will protect your business from legal action if a client makes a claim against it for loss of income as a result of professional negligence, omission, or an error in the services provided to them by your business.

As well as professional negligence, it protects you against claims made against you as a result of document or data loss, libel and slander, unintentional breaches of confidentiality and infringement of intellectual property.

Professional Indemnity insurance will cover the cost of legal expenses incurred for defending your case, and compensation for your client if you are found to be liable. Professional Indemnity insurance is generally advisable if the nature of your line of work revolves around providing professional advice or services.

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Public Liability insurance offers protection from legal action taken against you in the event that a third party (either a client or a member of the public) claims they have suffered a bodily injury or accidental damage to their property as a result of your company’s services or equipment.

Public Liability insurance will cover the legal and compensation costs owed if you are found to be liable. The majority of self-employed business owners hold Public Liability insurance and in many cases contractors will find that this type of cover is a requirement to take on a contract. 

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Employers Liability insurance protects you if an employee of your limited company makes a compensation claim against you regarding an injury, illness, or accidental death sustained as a result of their employment through your company.

Employers Liability insurance is a legal requirement if you employ one or more people or if someone is working under your supervision and direction.

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Accidents can unfortunately happen, and when you’re self-employed an injury might prevent you from working and earning an income. Personal Accident insurance will ensure that you’re protected against financial loss by providing you with a lump sum benefit should you suffer a serious bodily injury as a result of an accident that leaves you unable to work.

The lump sum payment gives you a financial cushion to help cover your bills and costs during your recovery period until you can return to work. The injury can be sustained inside or outside of work and the amount you receive varies depending on the severity of the injury suffered.

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Contractor Sickness Cover is designed to protect contractors in the event that they suffer a disease, sickness or bodily injury that prevents them from working.

This policy is designed with limited company contractors in mind and will pay a monthly benefit for up to a maximum of 12 months whether the reason they can’t work happened as a result of work or not. This provides an income to cover your monthly expenses so you can focus on your recovery and return to work without additional financial worries.

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Other types of Contractor Insurance available include:

  • Business Travel Insurance
  • Contractors All Risk Insurance
  • Jury Service & Legal Protection
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance

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