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Contractor Mortgages

Mortgages for; contractors, freelancers and independent professionals.

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Freelancer Financials

Gorilla Accounting has chosen Freelancer Financials as our partner to provide mortgages for contractors, freelancers and independent professionals.

The London-based specialist brokerage has provided bespoke contractor mortgages for over fifteen years. If you need insurance, they'll also provide the cover you need to maintain the contractor lifestyle and keep that roof over your head.

We've built this partnership for and around you. We know how many of you find the mortgage products on the High Street frustrating. Why shouldn't you have access to mortgages at least as competitive as your employed peers?

Well, now you can; our relationship with Freelancer Financials brings you rock-solid guarantees, including:

  • a response to all enquiries within 2 hours;
  • a dedicated account manager from application to completion and beyond;
  • a commitment to ensuring that you get the best mortgage for your circumstances.

We all know that the landscape in the UK is changing. We've chosen Freelancer Financials as our partner because they're adapting to those challenges. What's more, they're helping lenders understand contracting at underwriter level.

In a very real sense, they're shaping the mortgage landscape for future generations of independents.

A bit about Freelancer Financials

Freelancer Financials' solid reputation has seen the team win Best Mortgage Broker at the Mortgage Intelligence Awards every year since 2014. 

Whether you're a company director, limited company contractor or freelancer, it doesn't matter. Their specialist advisors can match you and-more importantly-your aspirations with the best mortgage deal for your status.

Similarly, it no longer matters in which profession you work! The high day rates of early contractor mortgage criteria are levelling out.

Yes, IT contractors still attract some of the best interest rates. But Freelancer Financials has built real relationships with many lenders.

Their advisors talk directly with underwriters, who can then judge each contractor's application on merit.

That means contractors no longer have to earn more than £300+/day. You don't have to be in IT, Oil & Gas or consultancy to qualify for a contract-based mortgage.

All professional contractors can now access contract-based underwriting, even with just 5% deposit.

Our partner is so flexible due, in part, to the vast range of mortgages it offers:

  • fixed, offset, standard and variable rate repayment mortgages;
  • homemover mortgages and remortgages;
  • interest-only and offset mortgages;
  • Help-to-Buy and shared ownership government-backed mortgages (5% deposit);
  • Buy-to-Let and Houses with Multiple Occupation mortgages;
  • mortgages from Day 1 of your first contract and well beyond 'retirement' age.

Freelancer Financials provides mortgages for contractors at every stage of their working life. To compliment that range, the specialists offer pensions, investments and different insurances, too.

Getting the right mortgage is about so much more than putting a roof over your head. It's about keeping it there until you're ready for your next big move! If that time's now, fill out your enquiry form and let them do the rest: contractor mortgage initial enquiry form.

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