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Specialist Mortgages for Contractors, Freelancers and the Self-Employed


Gorilla Accounting have partnered with Cleerly to provide specialist mortgages tailored for Contractors, Freelancers and the Self-Employed.

Cleerly make arranging a mortgage simple. Due to the nature of the way you work, you do not fit into a standard tick box on a traditional mortgage application form, but many Lenders will still assess your eligibility using a conventional model.

Those who work in these ways are therefore often not favoured by mortgage Lenders. Income can be irregular or restricted for tax purposes which means Lenders view you as higher risk than permanent employees on monthly salaries.

If you have recently started working in this way you will have a lack of trading history and mainstream Brokers and Lenders may request 1 to 3 years of company accounts, or a contract with a 6 month unexpired term. Clients working through a Limited Company that receive part of their income via dividends may also face issues with restricted borrowing options.

Whether you have experienced these difficulties or starting a new enquiry for a mortgage, Cleerly can help.

Through a combination of sophisticated technology and human expertise and experience, the dedicated team of Senior Mortgage Consultants at Cleerly make it their mission to ensure that those paid in a non-standard way are not penalised due to the nature of the work they do.

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About Cleerly

Cleerly are experienced Brokers that will take into account your specific circumstances rather than trying to fit you into a box. They will identify and arrange the mortgage that is right for you even if Lenders have previously turned you away.

They have access to the full market and offer completely impartial advice. Through a combination of expertise and experience, as well as strong relationships with the best Lenders and Underwriters in the market, Cleerly will find you the most cost-effective and suitable mortgage solution.

Underwriting arrangements have been negotiated with leading High Street Lenders who now provide bespoke underwriting for Contractors and others. For a Contractors often borrowing can be based on your annualised daily or hourly rate to secure a mortgage that is tailored to your circumstances and needs.

Cleerly often have access to exclusive products and enhanced lending multiples.

Whether you are a first time buyer, looking to re-mortgage, move home, invest in a Buy-To-Let property or source a secured loan, Cleerly will find you the right mortgage and protection solution for you based on your circumstances.

With a personal and straightforward service, Cleerly are the go to Broker for mortgages.  You can get a quick quote here.

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