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Why You Should Consider IT Contracting Today

There are many benefits to becoming an IT contractor, such as the possibility of earning more money and complete control over your career and schedule. If you’re considering it, whether as a sole trader or by setting up a limited company, you’re not alone – there were 6 million businesses in the UK at the start

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New Year’s Resolutions for Contractors and Freelancers

2020 was a year packed with surprises, twists and turns. Now that we’ve welcomed in the new year, it’s time to put it all behind us and look ahead to what 2021 will bring. For contractors and freelancers, this time of year is a great opportunity to analyse your business, the successes, the failures, and the

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A Guide To Becoming A Locum Doctor

You may be considering becoming a locum doctor, and there are plenty of good reasons to make the switch from full-time employee to locum. With increased rates of pay, more flexibility when it comes to working, and the ability to become your own boss, becoming a locum is an attractive proposition. Here, we take a look

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Firms Will Be Looking to Hire Contractors in 2021

As 2020 draws to a close, it’s safe to say that it’s been a tumultuous year for many industries across the globe. Employees, contractors and freelancers have been feeling the strain brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, but there’s a silver lining for the self-employed. With all the uncertainty the pandemic brought, along with Brexit concerns, there

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Our Top Tips to Increase Client Loyalty

All businesses want to boost customer loyalty. Clients who are happy and satisfied with your work will want to hire you again; this allows you to build a sustainable business model and a client base that keeps coming back – helping to drive you to success. Getting new clients can be a time-consuming and expensive process,

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Furlough Scheme Extended A Further Month Until April 2021

Rishi Sunak has confirmed that the furlough scheme will be extended once again to provide “certainty for millions of jobs and businesses”. The move now sees the furlough scheme extended into April 2021, which will see the Government continue paying up to 80% of the wages of those who have been furloughed. Mr Sunak also confirmed

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What Do You Need to Consider for 2021 if You’re Self-Employed?

2021 is just around the corner so, if you’re self-employed, there are a few things to keep in mind as 2020 comes to an end. As contractor accountants, we’re on top of the latest news and information, so we can help our clients navigate the new year and the challenges it might bring. Whether you’re a

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accountant Budget planning

Do I Need an Accountant as a Contractor?

  For many contractors, self-employment means doing everything themselves, as this gives them control over every single aspect of the business. However, just because you became a contractor to be your own boss doesn’t mean you have to spend time and effort on managing your accounts. Engaging the services of an accountant when self-employed can be

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How to Employ People as a Sole Trader

The easiest way to set up a business is as a sole trader and many people prefer to remain a sole trader instead of setting up a limited company. While there are many benefits to operating through a limited company, not all self-employed individuals want to switch straight away. As their business grows, they may want

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Top LinkedIn Tips For Freelancers and Contractors

 LinkedIn can be a tough platform to crack for freelancers and contractors. With it fast becoming one of the most actively used social media platforms, it can feel almost impossible to stand out from the crowd. As expert contractor accountants, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to helping our clients improve their presence

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contractor and national insurance

Contractors: Should I be paying National Insurance?

Are you new to contracting or thinking about becoming a contractor? Now is a great time to do it, as there are many advantages to being self-employed in this uncertain climate. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how easy it is for employees to be affected by something they can’t control, as many were left without a

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Tax Efficient Life Cover Through Your Company Via an RLP

In 2006 a new type of life cover was introduced: the Relevant Life Policy or “RLP” (though sometimes also known as Relevant Life Cover) which is designed to act as a proxy to the typical ‘death in service’ cover that is provided to employees as part of their pension package, which pays out a multiple of

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