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With Theresa May now leading Britain post-Brexit, does this mean a bright future for contractors?

Theresa May hosted a meeting with various contractors to discuss plans on what can be expected for contractors in the near future.

For now, the future the looks promising. There could be an end to damaging tax legislations and red tape (complicated tasks or actions that the government or an organisation require you to carry out which might seem unnecessary), that contractors could look forward to.

The meeting was held by the Prime Minister to seek out valuable input on how contractors and small business owners can take advantage of the opportunities created, following the EU Referendum outcome.

Theresa May emphasised before the meeting that “From dynamic start-ups to established family firms, our small businesses are the backbone of our country” and “The priorities I have set: a more productive, skilled workforce, an economy balanced across the UK and open to new opportunities, can only be achieved if we listen to these businesses.”

Will the Brexit benefit contractors?

The Prime Minister highlighted two clear areas that need to be addressed in order to seize the opportunities available post-Brexit.

The first area is the difficulties of leaving the single market, in terms of restricting the overseas business for contractors, as well as the struggle in hiring EU employees that could fill the UK skill gap.

The second area being the reduction of regulatory burdens, which are administrative costs such as money, time and complexity etc.

Only when these issues are addressed, will UK contractors be able to reap the rewards.

Should contractors be optimistic?

The future looks bright for UK Contractors, as the Prime Minister seems to be focusing more on self-employed citizens, compared to past leaders. Contractors can now expect a change for the better, after Theresa May’s approach towards the contracting sector.

Theresa May stressed to at the meeting that “Britain’s 5.4m small and medium-sized businesses provide people with jobs and underpin the strength of our economy. They are a fundamental part of my vision of building a country that works for everyone, not just the privileged few.”