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Accounting firms deal with a high volume of financial and sensitive information every day. Vigilance is required to ensure that systems are updated, security policies are robust, and client information is handled with care. The nature of accounting makes both large and small firms a desirable target for cybercriminals, as hackers try to gain access to swindle money or simply wreak havoc.

The industry has recently seen a surge in the number and frequency of hacking attempts and successful data breaches. We’re happy to report that no such attacks have been successful at Gorilla Accounting, and our services remain unaffected thanks to our rigorous security systems. That said, we understand our clients will have questions and concerns surrounding the recent cyber-attack attempts on accounting firms. Today, we will explain how we keep our client’s information secure and why you can trust Gorilla.

Why Do Cybercriminals Target Accounting Firms?

Government organisations, medical organisations and accountancy firms are the top targeted sectors by cybercriminals due to the sheer amount of sensitive information they hold on people. Personal and financial information is valuable to criminals as it can be sold or used to defraud other people.

No firm is too big or small to be targeted by cybercriminals, as the world’s way of working transitions online, so does organised crime. Hacking attempts on accountancy firms often occur during peak times in the accounting calendar, such as year-end or when tax return deadlines are close. They seek to expose vulnerabilities in systems, using phishing, ransomware and malware to steal data.

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How Gorilla Keeps You Safe

At Gorilla Accounting, we take the security of our customers’ information incredibly seriously. As small business accountants, we understand how important your finances are and how much it means to get a quick, straightforward response if you ever encounter a problem or have concerns.

By guaranteeing a same-day response for our clients, we ensure that our team are always on the other end of the line when you need us. We’ll be there if you spot something unusual, suspect you’re being targeted by a phishing scam or even if you want reassurance that your information is safe with us following the recent bout of successful hacking attempts on other firms.

We are contractor accountants who put our clients first. Your dedicated, experienced accountant will be able to address any security questions or concerns you may have, providing unlimited support either face-to-face, through email, telephone and video conferencing. In addition, we’re proud to have an excellent rating on Trustpilot, where you can read genuine reviews from our clients to understand first-hand how we keep small businesses, contractors and sole traders safe.

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Software Security With FreeAgent

All Gorilla customers get access to FreeAgent Accounting Software. The cloud-based bookkeeping software not only allows for easy management of business expenses, bank transactions and invoicing but is our first line of defence against cyber attacks. FreeAgent is committed to protecting its users’ personal and financial data through multiple security layers and continuous monitoring of the latest cyber threats.

Cyber Essentials Plus Certified

FreeAgent has received the Cyber Essentials Plus verification. The government-backed verification gives users peace of mind that the software’s defences are strong enough to protect against the most common cyber attacks.

Physical Security

FreeAgent customers’ data is held securely in data centres that have been designed to guard against localised, physical failure. In addition, their data centres have been awarded the strictest security certifications (ISO 27001, 27017, 27018) and are GDPR complicit.


According to industry best practices, information passed between user devices and FreeAgent is securely encrypted, including all stored data and any files uploaded by the user. The software utilises state-of-the-art systems to monitor, record, and alert suspicious activity, and user passwords are heavily encrypted and not stored in plaintext.

Safeguarding Against Vulnerabilities

The system is continuously monitored to ensure industry-standard security best practices are being adhered to at all times, and everything is logged and reviewed through an immutable audit trail. In addition, FreeAgent utilises automated technology to identify and block suspected malicious or fraudulent behaviours.

People and Processes

Like Gorilla, FreeAgent vet all staff prior to employment and maintain a suite of internal security policies, procedures, and incident response guidelines that all staff and contractors must adhere to. Customer data is only accessible on an as-needed basis and only when approved by the customer.

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Secure, Trustworthy Accounting

Here at Gorilla Accounting, we only partner with companies and services if we feel their cyber security systems and policies align with our own and guarantee that our customers receive comprehensive protection against cyber attacks. We’ve been sole trader accountants for many years and, over those years, have been a part of the transition to cloud-based accounting. As a result, we understand the risks associated, how to mitigate them and how to keep our customers’ finances and personal information secure.

If you have any questions about Gorilla Accounting’s cyber security policies, how we work to keep you safe or how any of the companies we partner with ensure your data is protected, please contact us today; we’ll be more than happy to help and reassure you that you’re in safe in our hands.