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We’re living in the digital age and we’re only going to advance into a more technologically advanced era… unless you’re a traditionalist.

How do we know this? Well, in the field of accounting, cloud-based software is the latest trailblazing technology which pretty much trumps the traditional spreadsheet.

If you’re still attached to using spreadsheets, we’re here to give you an insight into cloud-based accountancy.

Here are some of the reasons loyal spreadsheet lovers have made the switch:


As a self-employed professional, it’s important to work closely with your accountant to ensure you’re working in the most financially efficient way possible. Your accountants will typically see the same overview as you, which means that you’ll be on the same page.

FreeAgent allows you to snap and upload your receipts to your account. If you’re out on a business visit or client project, you can even submit your receipts on the go.

If you incur the same type of expense on a daily basis, you can even create expense categories or have the expense repeat itself, saving you valuable time.


As FreeAgent is cloud-based, the running costs are instantly reduced as all the information kept under your account is digital. This also means that as you’ll no longer be working on spreadsheets, you can finally go paperless which also has its administrative and environmental advantages.

If you have data stored on FreeAgent and you’re looking to switch to another accountant, you can take all your information with you, making it even easier to start afresh.


FreeAgent uses a military-grade hosting facility which is the same technology that banks use to protect their data.


FreeAgent allows you to forecast costs, helping you ensure that you have enough money within the business purse to fulfil your service offering, pay yourself and upkeep the business.

IR35 Reporting – If you’re a private sector contractor, caught under IR35, this feature is designed for you.

This real-time feature allows contractors to flag projects with IR35-related income and expenditure. By doing this, FreeAgent will automatically calculate

the correct deemed payment amount, giving you clarity on where you stand.

At Gorilla Accounting, we have partnered with FreeAgent to deliver the latest industry standard, bookkeeping software. Over 54,000 businesses trust FreeAgent with their finances.

If you’re looking to give FreeAgent a try, we can offer a free demo.Get in touch with a member of our New Business Team on 0330 024 0406 or email