The cloud market has developed hugely in recent years, and the most significant changes emerging in the market is IT. Each cloud software has one key aspect an individual reviews before choosing which software they want. This is security. If a company can provide 24/7 support as well as test and apply patches then you are almost guaranteed that your information is secure.

Transformations of the development of cloud software is obvious when you compare cloud analytics now with back in its early days. Originally this was used for cloud data and nothing else, however, it is now used for all your data no matter where it’s stored. This shows how dramatic the development of IT has affected cloud services.

Organisations are now attempting to adopt a hybrid data architecture with demands that analytics vendors support both cloud data and on-premises data. Now, cloud services offer a variety of advantages when connecting to data in the cloud but will also allow you to work with critical on-premises data.

Furthermore, hosted environments offered by Infra-structure-as-a-Service players is a clear attractive alternative to setting up physical servers. Additional attractive aspects include the frequent decrease in price by major cloud platform vendors. Examples of these include Google Cloud Platform who announced price reductions of 5%-30% and Amazon Web Services who declared reduced rates for data transfer.

Cloud software is becoming extremely creative and due to the amount of new services on offer, individuals can save a large sum of money by moving services before they are established, as companies are frequently trying to out-better competitors. However, this causes destruction of a lot of companies as smaller companies not are unable to provide low-cost figures unlike major companies such as Google, as they have a much smaller market of clients.

It is clear that ‘the cloud’ has been a revolutionary approach to business intelligence in the past few years. What does the future hold for the cloud? Join in the debate on our twitter – @Gorilla Accounts.

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