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With the contractor industry growing so rapidly, it can often be difficult to secure constant work.

There are several factors which could come into play when finding work. Increased competition and employers looking for different skill sets mean it is harder than ever to maintain constant work.

In this blog post, Gorilla Accounting will be sharing our top tips to securing constant work as a contractor. With years of experience in the contractor industry, we understand what it takes to become a successful contractor.

Think About Your Approach

There are several different ways you can secure work as a contractor. Planning is the best way to outline what it is that you are looking for and will allow you to see different things more clearly.

It’s important to keep in mind any options that you may have as a contractor. There are several different ways to initially find work, whether it’s through an agency or direct. Both of which are appropriate ways of finding work but both of which have different advantages.

If you were to find work through an agency, you could potentially face less stress as the job finding process is in the hands of something else. Although this may come at a slight disadvantage as you may not be able to find what’s best for you.

Although there are also some advantages with going direct as this will allow you to create an accurate representation of yourself that may not be possible if it were in the hands of an agency. There are some disadvantages however with going direct, for example you may not find much luck with finding a job as there may be no jobs available depending on who you contact.

Both approaches are worth thinking about and finding the one that is perfect for you is key to your success as a contractor.

Don’t Burn Any Bridges

As obvious as it may sound, when working in such a competitive market, it’s important to keep any relationships you may have as strong as possible.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with anyone you may have worked with is detrimental to your success. Whether it’s a colleague, client, colleague or anyone in between you need to remember that you’re now working for yourself and there is limited job security.

Treat people how you would expect to be treated and you can ensure a positive experience whilst contracting.

Always Be Aware of any Changes

Keeping up to date with contractor news is a perfect way to become a successful contractor. It’s important to keep up to date with relevant news as you never know when something could change which may affect your current job situation.

There are several resources online which could enable you to keep up to date with any news or share opinions with others in a similar market. Contractor UK, Reddit, news outlets and the Gorilla blog are all perfect news sources for contractors.