Britain is experiencing a boom in self-employment and here at Gorilla, we think it’s great. We’re getting to see fantastic start-ups, bold new limited companies and an influx of valuable contractors and freelancers building a better future for themselves by going solo. Sadly, this market increase is helping some accountancy practices see dollar signs and a new breed of client to add to their books. With so much riding on your new career direction, it’s never been a better time to change accountants – and here’s why:

  • Your Accountant Treats You Like a Number

It’s a sad reality that with so many new contractors and freelancers ripe for the taking, some accountancy firms are struggling to deal with the influx of new clients. This means that although they’ll work hard to complete your accounts on time, you’ll rarely be provided with a personal service, leaving some distance between you and your accountant. At Gorilla Accounting, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to all of our clients by providing them with their own dedicated accountant, and we endeavour to provide proactive and tailored advice to every contractor or freelancer who joins us. As professional accountants, it’s our job not just to file your tax returns, but to provide sound financial advice you can rely on.

  • Your Accountant is Behind the Times

Paper records and floods of receipts crammed into flimsy files and stored away on dusty shelves are a thing of the past: Cloud technology has provided us with the capabilities to conduct our clients’ accounting online, allowing them to see their professional and personal finances in real time, whilst automating several processes to save time and hassle. Our preferred software is Free Agent, as it provides clients with a simple to understand interface, alongside all the financial information they need, all the while allowing us to track their progress. Online bookkeeping tools also have the benefit of no lost information – so say goodbye to the days of tax information missing in the post!

  • Your Accountant is Expensive

The contractor boom has brought about a need for more accountants – and where there’s a demand, there’s always someone willing to supply, for a price. Unfortunately, this price is often too high for contractors, freelancers and newly formed companies to afford, meaning individuals are left struggling to understand their accounts, making them more prone to mistakes and stress. For £85+VAT a month, however, you can receive a personal, professional service from Gorilla’s specialist contractor accountants, as well as access to our online bookkeeping tool, unlimited support and all personal and professional accounting needs taken care of. Makes sense!

Don’t just be a number to your accountant – get in touch with Gorilla and connect with accountants who care about your success. We hope to hear from you!