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In the populated sector of accountancy, it’s important to do your market research when it comes to selecting an accountant to manage the finances of your limited company.

We’ve rounded up five points to help with your research stage:

Specialist Accountant

A specialist accountant should be fully-versed with the legislative measures surrounding the self-employed, such as IR35. It’s important that your accountant can inform you of sector changes, including IR35 in the public sector, and the potential application of IR35 in the private sector.

The annual budget which discusses the financial plans for the coming year is always slightly geared around the self-employed, so by forecasting any changes to your finances in the long-run, your accountant can help structure your income in a more efficient way.

Operating Platform

At Gorilla Accounting, we have partnered with FreeAgent to deliver the latest cloud-based, bookkeeping software, which puts spreadsheets into decline.

Determine whether the software was developed in-house or externally. FreeAgent is an external provider of specialist software which means that there’s a whole host of specialists taking care of the innovative technology, whilst the accountants do what they know best.

Test drive the software before committing to it – request a demo of FreeAgent here.


The company management structure is an indication of the company set-up. It’s common for companies to work towards targets set by Private Equity owners, rather than working to be value-driven.

Gorilla Accounting lies with its founders which are the existing directors of the company. We’re always assessing the needs of our clients and keeping them updated on sector changes which is what helps us keep ahead of the game.


Word of mouth is a powerful form of influence as it means you can base your decision on the experience of another. A tried and tested review is always more powerful than a guess, so take this into consideration.


Specialist accountancy firms vary their service levels as to what’s on offer, but what’s the point of signing up to an extortionate service if many of the features aren’t of relevance to you?

At Gorilla Accounting, we offer one all-inclusive package for just £85 + vat per month, which fulfils all your essential personal and business needs.

For more information, get in touch with our New Business Team on 0330 024 0406 or email