In one of our recent blogs, we talked about the dangers of overspending on your overheads when striking out alone as a contractor or freelancer operating through a limited company. Some came as no surprise, while others were not as expected. The reverse of all this is actually true as well, however: there are some overheads you absolutely should splash out on, and we’ve brought them together for you here.


  • Virus Protection

Sadly, we live in a time of cybercrime and hacking, where data is vulnerable if left unchecked. If you’ve decided to avoid the expense of a work computer or laptop, and are using your own device instead, be sure to have rigorous protection in place. Simply put, your machine will now house sensitive data from your clients and your own business, so it’s essential to prevent anything from happening to it – no matter the cost.

  • A Work Phone

This entry becomes more relevant to your business as time goes on. Eventually, you’ll realise that you’re taking too many calls on your personal mobile. Switch to using a work phone to enjoy piece of mind that your data and information is safe, as well as being able to claim back expenses on it. Remember though: the phone belongs to the business now.

  • Insurance

When starting out, we always recommend that even a contractor forks out for indemnity insurance. Indemnity insurance will protect you from any loss suffered due to any lawful action taken against yourself or the business. As well as indemnity, we implore our clients to take out public liability insurance to protect against losses should a member of the public attempt to make a claim against you for any health and safety grievances that occur on site. These two safety nets are definitely worth the money.

  • A Website

Having an online point of reference is essential in our increasingly online world. Investing in a great website – and ensuring that it is built to be responsive on mobile phones – will establish you and your business in an online space. Take into account how many pages you really need and consider writing the website’s copy yourself to save on money.

  • Business Cards

The importance of being able to hand someone your details on a card speaks for itself, making this expense well worthwhile. Vistaprint and Instanprint are two reliable businesses that can offer business cards at a reasonable price. Unless there’s a promotion taking place, avoid over-ordering – if you decide to change your branding somewhere down the line, it’ll be wasted money.

  • An Accountant

Even when you’re just starting out, it’s highly unlikely you’ll have the time or patience to be dealing with HMRC, invoices and tax returns. Absolutely splash out on an accountant, and find your work load and stress levels decreased!

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