Go on, admit it: the thought of quitting your job and going solo has crossed your mind more than once. If you’re considering making the move, you’re definitely in the right place. We work with individuals who have taken the plunge and gone on to forge hugely successful independent careers for themselves either as limited company owners. But is it right for you? We’ve rounded up the best ways to know when going it alone is right for you – give it some thought before you decide or give us a call for more advice.

‘I’m Sure I Can Do Better’

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, you were thinking one of two things: you’re worth a better job than the one you’re currently in or you could carry out the work of your superiors to a much better standard. Thinking you can do better and knowing you can, however, are two very different things – you need to have a concrete level of self-belief to make it work. Perhaps take on one freelance client on the side if you need the extra proof. And if you’re feeling undervalued, overworked and unhappy then you definitely deserve something better.

You Want More Freedom

Sometimes you just need to be in control of your own destiny – and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re sure you can commit to motivating yourself, working hard and running your own professional life as well as your personal life, then becoming a contractor/freelancer is for you. If you’re feeling the short-term blues and can’t really see yourself surviving outside of someone else’s regime for very long, perhaps take some extra time to think things through.

Your Circumstances Have Changed

It could be that your circumstances have changed and your skills are going to waste. This could mean you’re considering doing some freelance work whilst welcoming a new member of the family, starting a limited company to reinvigorate your career, or taking up contracting between jobs. When circumstances such as these present themselves, the best way to survive is to adapt – and what better way than by using your skills to be your own boss?

You’re Happy with the Extra Responsibility

We’re not going to lie: going solo is not always a walk in the park – there’s a lot more responsibility and you really need to step up and own it. If you’re happy to do this and understand the risks involved – including potentially not making much (or any) money in the first few months – then you were made for this!

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