New research has revealed that employers in professional sectors are continuing to show demand for Contractors and Freelancers. APSCo’s latest report has shown a 2% increase in short-term and contract vacancies compared to the same time period last year.

The finance and accounting sector has provided extremely promising figures for Contractors and Freelancers, delivering a 34 per cent increase year-on-year in opportunities. APSCo’s latest indication of growth in independent working shows that self-employment had increased by 30,000 the previous year. 

Increase in demand for Contractors | Gorilla Contractor and Freelance Accountants

Freelancing and Contracting were usually considered as a short-term solution when there were shortfalls in permanent employment, however the professional flexible workforce is now gaining its own reputation as the “new normal” and is a trend that is expected to continue in to 2016.

Chief executive of APSCo, Ann Swain, claimed finance and accounting contractors were in particular high demand as many companies seek to acquire specialist skills to manage ‘change on a project-by-project basis’.

She further commented:

“The migration of talent to outside of London by institutions such as HSBC, coupled with legislative changes such as retail operation ring-fencing, mean that the demand for talent is outstripping availability.”

“News that Barclays has promoted an executive with a reputation for cutting costs to a top position at its investment bank is indicative of a shift within the sector to realign workforces so that they are fit for purpose.”

“This, of course, is having a heavy and immediate impact on demand for contractors, which we expect will continue for the coming months.”

There has also been a stronger demand in the media and marketing sector for temporary workers, while pay has also followed this upward trend.

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