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Earlier this year, the nation was swept up in the news regarding Brexit. Several months have now passed and we’re all adjusting to the fact that, as a country, we have decided to leave the EU.

Following a recent update from Contractor UK; it has been found that professionals who work temporarily, or freelance, saw their pay increase on the eve of the Brexit vote.

Several factors come into play such as people’s anxiety in the run up to the Brexit vote and the following shock for some people from the results.

“Between April and June, average contractor day rates increased,” said Experis.

“In many cases, the reduction of permanent roles advertised seems to have been at least partly made up for by a significant uplift in contractor recruitment,” added Experis’ managing director Geoff Smith.

“Given the time range that this research covers, this may reflect an element of caution being demonstrated prior to the vote, as well as a period of shock following the results. Only time will tell whether this is a temporary shift.”

Following further investigations conducted by Experis, it appears that the momentum for contractors is far from just temporary. Around seven in ten hiring managers told the recruiter that they would be reliant on non-permanent workers in the future.

Gorilla Accounting have previously conducted research into some of the best paying contract jobs by daily rate. Some of the top paying roles being roles such as Senior Security Architects, Director DevOps and several others.

With the increased demand, it will also be possible to negotiate better rates prior to starting new work. Constantly improving your skills as a contractor could also be key to succeeding in the ever growing contractor market. With improved competition it’s now the best time to fine tune your skills and prepare for the future.