Being a freelancer can provide great job satisfaction and of course it can be extremely tough. You are your own boss, you feel the pinch if the work dries up and you reap the rewards when the work is flowing. There are many different types of freelancers out there and it is very important for anyone looking to explore this employment must know what it takes.

There are certain personality traits that you must have if you are going to make a good living from it. We live in a world that is dominated by the internet and this is the best place for any freelancer to showcase what they can offer. This article will highlight what practical traits you need to have if you are hoping to be a successful freelancer.


Being a freelancer is a job that requires great determination, you are self-employed and any money you make is yours. If you are not determined to make yourself the best you can be in your field then you might as well not bother starting up. There are so many average freelancers out there and they just don’t make enough money to get by, let alone have a prosperous life. We live in an extremely competitive world and it is very hard for people to make enough money to enjoy themselves and provide for their families.

Freelancing is a career that can allow you to make all the money you need for both but it does require some fight and a strong mind. There will be months where there just isn’t much work on but the following month you have to work round the clock to meet your targets. It really is one of the most unpredictable sectors and one that only a few people master during their lifetime.


You must have hunger to succeed and be able to display that both in your portfolio and in the work you complete for clients. We live in a world that is dominated by banks and large corporations guzzling all the money up. For those jobs that are lesser paid, freelancing certainly is one that requires some of the traits of the deemed “bigger businesses”. Because you are your own boss you have to exhibit a certain degree of hunger and passion, you need to fight for clients and be ruthless enough to undercut your rivals without even thinking.

Unique Talent

This really does help; if you have a unique talent then you will find it so much easier to secure the clients you need. There are so many generic “freelance writers” out there that picking from the pack is almost impossible. Do your research and check out the freelancers who are doing well and see what tips you can take from them but I can’t understate the importance of originality.

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