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Recruitment issues key to keeping contractor market onside

Last week it was declared that David Cameron will stay at 10 Downing Street for at least the next 5 years. The British public voted in their millions for a Conservative win. Despite what was predicted to be one of the closest elections of all time, David Cameron’s Party won 331 out of the 650 seats

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Media City major catalyst for digital growth in the North

Media City UK which is based in Salford, Manchester, has been hailed a major catalyst for a ‘digital and creative explosion’ across the whole of the North of England. BBC England Director, Peter Salmon, has spoken of the vast pool of talent in the North, attributing the successes of Media City (which he helped mastermind) to

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Election 2015 – Contractors, how will you vote?

With the General Election less than one week away, this blog will take a look at what the major parties have pledged to help contractors. Contractors are set to have a huge say in the General Election outcome – a recent study by IPSE revealed that 88% of contractors and freelancers are planning on voting. So,

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If you’re a freelancer – Manchester is where it’s at!

Manchester is regarded by many to be the place to be if you’re currently a self-employed freelancer. We all know freelance work can often be hard to come by, however opportunities in Manchester have steadily been on the rise. As a whole, opportunities are as high as they’ve ever been in the North, which is a

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Demand for contractors on the rise despite Political uncertainty

Recent demand for contractors has risen significantly despite the uncertainty surrounding the General Election. This increase in demand is most evident in London, last month’s Venn Group London Recruitment Index recorded a 7% increase in availability of contract work compared to the previous month. The upsurge in demand has largely been put down to a surge

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Join us for our Launch Event

We will be hosting a one off event to celebrate the official launch of Gorilla Accounting, a revolutionary new accountancy service for contractors, freelancers and the self-employed. Gorilla Accounting has been specifically designed to suit the accounting requirements of individuals, contractors and freelancers who trade through their own limited company. We understand the disruptions bookkeeping and other

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Is self-employment the way forward?

One of the biggest societal changes of the last five years has been a growth in contracting, freelancing and self-employment. One of the underlying trends behind this explosion in the volume of small companies and sole-traders is how large organisations are seeking a dynamic critical mass, a lower cost-base and that ability to expand and contract

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What does the new tax year bring for Contractors?

Chancellor George Osborne’s plans to ‘reduce the costs of employment, ease the tax burden on businesses and stimulate investment’ is looking good for contractors and freelancers. There are a number of changes that come in to play from 6th April 2015 that contractors and freelancers should be particularly aware of: The personal allowance will increase from

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Plans to digitise paper tax returns runs in to difficulties

In this month’s Budget announcement, Chancellor George Osborne publicised plans to digitise paper tax returns for the majority of the UK population by 2020. The plans have however already ran in to issues – IT concerns, security threats and software glitches have already posed serious questions. Under the new plan, 15 million contractors and other self-assessors

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