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Thousands of EU microbusinesses wait with bated breath for VAT exemption

In recent years, the EU has seemingly waged a war against multinational corporations, which have been accused of undercutting local businesses. The latest strategy implemented by the EU sees businesses bound by revised VAT rules. Although this scheme is set to prevent multinationals further damaging European business, the reality is that smaller digital firms have found

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Do freelancers in London have a bad reputation?

London is the financial capital of the world. For such a comparatively small city, it packs a lot of punch on the global stage. That said, the freelance population in London has a rather hit and miss reputation. Of course, with a large city, you will get the odd con man, out to rip people off.

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Unique office space for Manchesters’ freelancers

Being freelance in Manchester means you might not have a definitive workspace outside of your bedroom or the office in your house. If you’re ever in the need to setup shop somewhere else to get work done there is a plethora of places in Manchester available for you to work from. The Assembly Setup in the

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Fiscally freelance: living through a financial drought

Freelancing is, in its nature, less stable than working for a company. You are the start, the middle and the end of all events and happenings. Whether it is the accounting or the cleaning of the office at the end of the day. All this needs to be done within the means of your finances and

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Tax Avoidance scheme has been uncovered within the contracting sector

A new story this morning from the BBC has unearthed details that a large UK recruitment agency and contractor accountancy provider have been operating a tax avoidance scheme that abuses the Employment Allowance scheme. In April 2014 a new scheme was introduced to give employers a tax break on Class 1 National Insurance Contributions (NIC’s). The

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Should self-employed workers be worried about getting a mortgage?

According to a survey carried out by IPSE, 45% of self-employed workers think that mortgage providers don’t want them as customers. In addition, 61% think mortgage advisors do not understand their financial situation. Chris Bryce, Chief Executive of IPSE has said: “ “Getting a mortgage is a major concern for the self-employed, despite 4.5 million people

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Networking for contractors & freelancers in Leeds

For contractors and freelancers, creating a client base is all about meeting people, understanding what they need and working out how you can help them achieve their goals. Networking and networking events are probably the most valuable tools for a contractors and freelancers. Here is a run down of some of the best places to be

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Finding your network in London

London, with its vast ever lasting expansion into the rest of the country is a big place, finding your feet and your client base, especially if you’re new to the city can be tricky. Here’s a few hints and tips for you freelancers and contractors to find the right people you need to know. Understand London.

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Are women the rocket fuel for our economy?

In 2014, 4.6 million people were classed as self-employed. That is 15% of the entire UK work force. Economists have cited this rise as one of the reasons why the UK economy has to a certain extent recovered. There are also another 356,000 employees who have a second job in which they were self-employed. This is

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Taming the recruitment beast

The agency route is perhaps the most popular among contractors, freelancers and the self-employed, and there are numerous advantages to it. Ultimately, agencies do take care of the three most important aspects of your job search; which positions you apply for, where you will work and your remuneration. The recruitment industry as a whole is one

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The Personality Traits of a New World Freelancer

Being a freelancer can provide great job satisfaction and of course it can be extremely tough. You are your own boss, you feel the pinch if the work dries up and you reap the rewards when the work is flowing. There are many different types of freelancers out there and it is very important for anyone

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