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What is auto-enrolment and does it affect me?

Whether it’s from the ‘we’re all in‘ advert on television or from friends and family, you’ve probably heard about pension auto-enrolment at some point. But as a contractor or freelancer, you may be wondering if it affects you. We’ve done our research and brought you the facts on auto-enrolment for your convenience – act now to

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Why should I take my bookkeeping to the cloud?

The Cloud has become synonymous with most things technological these days, but you’d be surprised by the benefits you could enjoy by moving other business processes onto the cloud – not least your bookkeeping. As avid fans of Cloud-based accounting, we took a look at exactly why you should make the move – and how Gorilla

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Keeping your clients entertained

  As you grow your limited company and take on staff, you may find yourself entertaining the idea of putting on an event for some team bonding – and as a chance to let down your hair! If that’s the case, you’ll be pleased to know that you can legally claim for the cost a party

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HMRC waives £100 late fee for self-assessed individuals

Self-assessed individuals, such as freelancers and contractors, faced good news from HMRC recently as the infamous ‘late filing charge’ was dropped from cases involving late self-assessment returns – but only if such individuals could provide a ‘reasonable’ excuse for the late submission. The £100 charge has long been used to incentivise self-assessed individuals to fulfil their

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4 online sources for generating new freelance work

Is business a lot quieter all of a sudden – or has it simply not taken off yet? Don’t be disheartened when work is slow to come in, as it’s often a growing pain of becoming a freelancer – and there’ll likely always be busier times. Instead, supplement longer-term work using online sources of freelance revenue.

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Going limited: separating you & the business

  So you’ve decided to make the jump from employee to a contractor/freelancer – great! But before you set up your limited company, it’s important to take note of a few essential points to remember – all of which revolve around the singular fact that you are now a separate entity from your business. You Need

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4 reasons why contractors should apply for VAT

VAT (Value Added Tax) may seem like a dreaded topic you’d rather not think about as a contractor or freelancer, but with a little help from the Gorilla Accounting team, you’ll find that it’s really much simpler than you might have thought – and that the benefits far outweigh any such complications. We’ve assembled 4 quick

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What is the 24 month rule & how does it affect contractors?

The ’24 month rule’ is a term you may have heard being bandied around by fellow contractors during your time going solo, and it accounts for two important aspects of contracting: travel and expenses. But what does the rule entail – and why should you be thinking about it? We’ve assembled some essential advice to help.

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The all time greatest mistakes made by the self-employed

No matter whom you are or what industry you work in, you’re bound to make a mistake at some point – it’s as certain as the clocks ticking and the leaves falling from the trees. Some of those mistakes, however, are quite common, and can therefore be avoided with some smart forward-thinking. Starting work without an

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The clock is ticking: learning how to meet your deadlines

In an ever-accelerating world, being on time is quickly becoming somewhat of a novelty, rather than common practice. We are always quick to apologise for being late, and we always have excuses, but eventually this will only serve to damage your personal and professional reputation. Surely there’s a better way? Rather than be known for missing

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Freelancers: Here’s why you need an accountant

Congratulations! You’ve finally taken the plunge and moved from a life of corporate security to being a freelancer, carving out a name for yourself on your own. Being a freelancer provides a refreshing sense of freedom, from choosing clients to managing your own finances. Unless you’re a freelance accountant, however, it’s likely that the latter isn’t

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Industry Bodies Wait on Unfair Payment Powers

The government has issued a promise stating that representative industry bodies will soon be able to challenge unfair payment terms subjected by companies onto their members, through a widening of their current collective powers. Speaking on the issue, the government’s new business secretary, Sajid Javid, stated a consultation will be launched to expand upon the powers

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