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Contractors Still Unaware of Travel and Subsistence Tax Changes

Recent research has discovered that over half (57%) of contractors surveyed were unaware of the proposed changes to legislation affecting travel and subsistence tax relief that could come into force in April 2016. These alterations would restrict the tax relief individuals who operate through Limited Companies are able to claim on travel and subsistence. Currently, freelancers

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Freelancers’ Job Satisfaction at all Time High

According to a new national survey from IPSE, 86% of freelancers are satisfied with the way they operate. The survey added to the sectors good morale as many individuals were celebrating National Freelancers Day on Thursday 12th November. The Day was celebrated by thousands of freelancers all over the country, and culminated in an awards ceremony which recognised the

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HMRC Set to Close 80% of Their Offices Within Next Decade

HMRC will close 137 of their 170 offices within the next 10 years and these will be replaced by 13 new regional tax centre’s. This is a move taken by the Government as they attempt to cut the Revenue’s budget by hundreds of millions of pounds. HMRC staff have been made aware about where the new

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Pensions: How to Live Fruitfully After Retirement

It is becoming more and more appealing for individuals to ditch the typical 9 to 5 routine and opt for the self-employed route instead. Whether this means sole trading or working within your own Limited Company to contract/freelance, the idea of controlling your own decisions and destiny sounds more attractive in the long run. One downfall

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FreeAgent: Cloud Accounting Software for Contractors and Freelancers

At Gorilla Accounting we’ve chosen FreeAgent as our preferred accounting software for our Freelancer and Contractor clients. Easy-to-use accounting software Designed specifically for Contractors and Freelancers FreeAgent makes it simple to stay on top of your day-to-day bookkeeping. At the same time working alongside our team of qualified accountants ensures you receive the best tax planning

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The Chancellors’ Plan to Bring Forward Cuts to Pension Tax Relief

The Chancellor plans to bring forward proposed cuts to pensions tax relief could have come to a standstill after advisers threaten to begin a ‘political storm’ if changes affect the current system. George Osborne is currently exploring options to scrap the current tax breaks as well as offer pensioners no relief while paying into their pension

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HMRC Allocate £45m to Improve Customer Service

Following the release of statistics that presented an inconsistent call handling performance in 2014/15, HMRC has promised to allocate £45m of its budget to improve its regularly criticised customer service. This decision will allow HMRC to create a further 3,000 additional staff positions to join customer service teams, and also reallocate 2,000 members of current staff

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Why You Should Never Start Contracting Without a Signed Contract

Sometimes new contractors begin working without a signed contract. Below, we have discussed the risks you may face doing so and why contracts do not have to be in writing for it to be legally binding. Should you begin contracting without a contract in place? We believe you should only begin working once a contract is

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HMRC Warn About Contractor Loan Schemes

As a contractor, you’ve probably been the victim of companies guaranteeing you over 90% take home pay. This all kick started several years ago by the use of contractor loan schemes. Promoters of this scheme reduce the amount of tax a contractor has to pay on their income by redirecting income through several different companies, trusts

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Reports show hotspot for contracting is NOT Manchester or London

When you consider the hotspots for contractors and freelancers working within the digital sector, you immediately think of London and Manchester for obvious reasons such as MediaCityUK. However, a report from Centre for Cities implied popular locations for contractors to find work are actually in places you would least expect. The location that topped the list

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Our Guide to Dealing with Difficult Customers

The vast majority of clients will pay invoices on time with no issues however, you may come across a customer who will often cause hassle for you. Besides leaving your wallet empty, they will also leave you stressed and cause lots of disruption therefore we’ve put together some advice on how to deal with these whilst

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Statistics Indicate Rise in Entrepreneurism

Statistics revealed by the Small Business Group has shown a rise in entrepreneurs in the UK with around 146,000 new small businesses set up over the past year. This means that there is a record of 5.4 million private sector businesses – this is the largest figure to date. Further figures demonstrate that small businesses make

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