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Manchester Win £10m to Develop Internet of Things

Manchester has been awarded a £10m prize to lead the market in the development of the Internet of Things (IOT). The Government-led technology competition was won by the CityVerve Project to increase the use of more smart technology within cities. The projects plans include talkative bus stops, allowing bus operators to know when commuters are waiting, amongst

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Creative Industry set to receive £40million funding boost

The creative industry has received a £40million funding boost following criticism that the sector was lacking investment. This funding is set to benefit many contractors and freelancers who work within this sector. The British Business Bank has confirmed that they would back Edge Creative Enterprise Funds, which is a private equity fund, who will provide £24million.

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HMRC Introduce New Digital Service

HMRC have introduced a new digital service that will enable individuals, including freelancers and contractors, to receive a better understanding of their tax affairs. The Personal Tax Account (PTA) is now available to individual customers and gathers information together in one place, simplifying the way people access their personal tax affairs online. This service won’t change

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How to Write the Perfect CV: A Gorilla Guide

Avoid Errors Only one letter difference could blow your chances of landing your dream contract! Punctuation and grammatical errors could give your potential client reason to believe you are careless due to a lack of thought gone into your CV. Candidates are chopped down by inconsistency and if you have errors, you’re essentially shooting yourself in

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Finance Bill 2016: New Legislation to Affect Contractors

Following on from The Chancellor’s Summer Budget and Autumn Statement, new legislation has been drafted and is up for consultation. The draft legislation provides an overview of changes to tax law which the Government plans to introduce in Finance Bill 2016. The draft has provided more clarity on changes revealed in the Autumn Statement – Travel

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Contractor Gadgets: How to Make Your Life That Bit Easier

Contractors and freelancers are usually known to be constantly on the go and are expected to be on top of all of their commitments at all times. Often modern technology can simplify day to day tasks – all contractors should be taking advantage of the latest devices on the market, they may make your life that bit easier.

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IR35 Remains Unchanged as Tax Relief on Travel & Subsistence is Restricted

As a result of the Autumn Statement 2015, IR35 remains unchanged. However, both umbrella and limited company contractors using personal service companies which fall inside IR35 will have their travel and subsistence tax relief restricted. Chancellor, George Osborne, mentioned in his Autumn Statement speech that broader tax avoidance measures are unlikely to affect many contractors along

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Top 3 Common Mistakes Made By New Contractors

Leaving your good job with decent pay could be considered risky business. The salary of your current job could cover your family as well as any monthly payments such as a mortgage, car payments, and other debts. However, the attraction of being your own boss and the benefits that come with this such as freedom and

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Research Shows Upwards Demand for Contractors

New research has revealed that employers in professional sectors are continuing to show demand for Contractors and Freelancers. APSCo’s latest report has shown a 2% increase in short-term and contract vacancies compared to the same time period last year. The finance and accounting sector has provided extremely promising figures for Contractors and Freelancers, delivering a 34

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Autumn Statement 2015: It’s Good News – We’re Not All Doomed

The Chancellor George Osborne has delivered his eagerly anticipated Autumn Statement. In an attempt secure a £10.1bn budget surplus by 2020, he’s set out the Governments spending plans for the next 4 years. Many Contractors and Freelancers were expecting to be hit hard, however there was little mention of any changes to the industry.  We’ve set out the

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Autumn Statement 2015: What Contractors Need to Know

  On Wednesday 25th November the Chancellor, George Osborne, will be delivering his Autumn Statement. It is expected that Contractors and Freelancers operating through Limited or Umbrella Companies will be hit hard – some are considering this to be ‘D-Day’ for the Contracting industry. Any proposed changes are not expected to come in to play until

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Freelancers’ Confidence Levels Reported to be at Their Lowest

According to new research carried out by IPSE, freelancers’ confidence levels are at their lowest ever. This research has revealed the first negative index score in relation to business confidence outlook for the next 12 months. The survey highlighted only 28% of freelancers were confident that they expect their business performance to improve over the next year.

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