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Gorilla’s Commitment To Charity Throughout 2021

  Gorilla Accounting is delighted to announce we have committed a whopping £12,000 to various charities across the UK throughout 2021. We understand the importance of giving back to our local communities, as well as other charities around the UK; that’s why we’ve committed to the following pledges throughout 2021: –          We are committing to planting

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Advantages of Being Self-Employed

  Becoming self-employed takes a lot of work and dedication, but there are also many benefits to being a sole trader. From financial advantages to taking control of your day-to-day, Gorilla Accounting is looking into all the reasons you should consider becoming your own boss. And, as sole trader accountants, we’re on hand to answer any

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Property Money

Stamp Duty Holiday Set To Be Extended Until End Of June

  The stamp duty holiday, which was set to end in March 2021, is set to be extended by three months and will now come run through till the end of June. The news of an extension comes just a week before Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s budget, where he will set out a post-Covid recovery plan for

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A Guide to Becoming a Self-Employed Engineer

If you’re thinking of becoming an engineering contractor, there are some things you should keep in mind when taking the leap, such as the best-operating structure for your business or even whether self-employment is the right step for your career. As contractor accountants, we can help you figure these things out, so take a look at

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IR35 Update & How Changes Under the New Finance Bill Could Affect You

  If you are self-employed as a Contractor or Freelancer, or indeed you work with the same as a recruiter/agency, then you need to be aware of the changes as they potentially affect your working practices directly. The summary below sets out how the changes may affect the private sector with regard to off-payroll working reforms.

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Brexit: Where Are We Now?

  With the start of the new year, the UK has also entered a new phase when it comes to business and trade. The UK is now completely out of the EU and considered a third country, which means businesses must make changes to ensure the flow of people, goods, data, and more, between them and

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‘Quick wins’ can help self-employed Britons with their taxes this year

  SEISS, otherwise known as the Self Employment Income Support Scheme, has provided financial help to self-employed people impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. But, undoubtedly, 2021 will be a highly pressured year for these individuals, with a number of responsibilities to meet. Alongside trying to keep a business running amid a lockdown and applying for SEISS

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What to Do if You Left Your Self-Assessment Tax Return for Last-Minute?

With the end of January approaching, the self-assessment tax return deadline is looming for the self-employed. Many people have to fill out and submit a tax return; for example, if they’re a sole trader, if they have other untaxed income (from investments, savings and dividends), or if they’re a buy-to-let-landlord. January can be a stressful month

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Self Assessment Form

Do I Still Have Time To Complete My 2019/20 Self-Assessment?

With the 31/01/2021 deadline less than 2 weeks away, if you haven’t already filed your self-assessment for 2019/20 then it’s essential that you complete this immediately. If you fail to file before the end of January 2021, you will receive an immediate £100 fine for late submission, and this will be subject to interest the longer

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Why You Should Consider IT Contracting Today

There are many benefits to becoming an IT contractor, such as the possibility of earning more money and complete control over your career and schedule. If you’re considering it, whether as a sole trader or by setting up a limited company, you’re not alone – there were 6 million businesses in the UK at the start

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New Year’s Resolutions for Contractors and Freelancers

2020 was a year packed with surprises, twists and turns. Now that we’ve welcomed in the new year, it’s time to put it all behind us and look ahead to what 2021 will bring. For contractors and freelancers, this time of year is a great opportunity to analyse your business, the successes, the failures, and the

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