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FreeAgent and The New Tax Year

The New Tax Year and FreeAgent

The new tax year is fast approaching! The 2022/23 tax year will end on 5th April and the new 2023/24 tax year begins on 6th April – dates that have remained unchanged since the 19th century. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, announced some important tax changes in the budget statement he delivered in November

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Everything you need to know as a landlord in 2023

With several major legislative changes and compliance reforms set for landlords in the next 12 months, adding more to the list of things to do and things to know, when you’re already short of time, can feel like a huge chore. As a landlord, you will already be spending your days managing contracts, taking calls, undertaking

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Your Self-Assessment tax return deadline: What happens if you miss it?

With another self-assessment deadline been and gone, it can often feel like the years come around exceptionally quickly when you’re posed with the task of the dreaded tax return. If you’ve not been as organised as you’d like, or if you have not used an online MTD-compliant software to keep track of your outgoings and expenses,

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The Year of the Side Hustle

Since the pandemic, more and more of us are exploring different hobbies and passions and turning them into a money-making endeavour. With the current cost of living crisis, and the need for that extra bit of cash to spend on luxuries or even a second income to help with the rising costs of bills and interest

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Stuart Barnes: IR35 appeal upheld

Breaking news today is that Stuart Barnes, the Sky TV pundit, has defeated HMRC in his IR35 appeal. The rugby expert, who played top-level rugby union throughout the 1980s and early 90s, had his IR35 appeal upheld by Judge Heidi Poon. It was a First-tier tax tribunal, and the first Sky TV case upheld by FTT,

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New Year, New Contracts: Winning New Work as a Contractor

Good news for contractors – it looks as though more companies than ever will be using contractors throughout 2023, rather than hiring permanent members of staff. It’s been reported that new LinkedIn data shows postings for contract roles, especially in the technology sector, have tripled in the last two years. With a cost-of-living crisis ongoing and

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New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Business

‘New Year, New Me’ is something you hear a lot during December. As we over-indulge on festive food, drinks at the office Christmas party, treats with friends and family and maybe spend a little longer than usual down the pub, it’s no surprise that many of us vow to make a change as soon as January

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The Benefits of Locum Work

The Benefits of Locum Work

The word locum is derived from the Latin term ‘locum tenens’. The English translation of this is ‘place holder’, which perfectly sums up the role of a locum – somebody that temporarily covers the duties of another until they return. There are no hard figures regarding the number of locums working in the UK, but it’s

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Tax Tips For Small Business Owners and The Self-Employed

Many small business owners start out with a sole trader set up. Personal ownership enables you to ease yourself into self-employment without dealing with the additional obligations and responsibilities, including more complicated accounting and record-keeping requirements, that are part and parcel of operating as a limited company. The majority of self-employed people follow a similar path

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Preparing for Christmas Success as a self-employed professional

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us have already decked the halls, completed our Christmas shopping and have plans in the diary for every weekend during December. Others might leave things until last minute, with only two shopping weekends to go until the big day. This weekend is set to be the busiest weekend

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