Contractors and freelancers should be becoming quite familiar with the OTS, with the recent changes and proposals that affect them. Andrew Tyrie, chairman of The Treasury Select Committee, has restated his call towards George Osborne to not only expand the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) but also to strengthen the issue.

On the 18th August, an exchange of letters were released between Andrew Tyrie and George Osborne. During these Andrew Tyrie asked about prospected plans that were brought to attention prior to the Conservative Party’s election victory.

Tyrie commented:

“The OTS cannot be seen to be a creature of the Treasury, nor a lobby group of the business community, adding that it needs stronger and more visible leadership.”

“The Office for Budget Responsibility offers a useful precedent, with its clear line of accountability to parliament and a ‘double lock’ on the appointment and dismissal of its leader to entrench his or her independence.

“Judging by the chancellor’s proposals for the OTS, set out in his letter and a revised framework document, the need to secure independence has not yet been taken on board.

“I have today written again to the chancellor, asking him to take another look at this. The OTS’ independence and accountability to parliament need to be more firmly entrenched.”

Throughout Tyrie’s letters, he suggested a number of methods the Government could use to strengthen the OTS. One of the provided suggestions included that the OTS must be “more independent” and should not be a “creature” of the tax man.

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