Recent figures suggest that one in three workers in the US are now freelancing. A 2015 study by Upwork and Freelancers Union have concluded that 54 million workers in the US now freelance – that equates to over 1/3rd of the US workforce. The study suggests that in 2015 700,000 workers went freelance, a bigger increase than any other year on record.

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Stephanie Kasriel, chief executive of Upwork, an online marketplace that matches freelancers with projects, comments:

“Work is no longer a place. The future of work is much more flexible and distributed. Time and location barriers are being knocked down and rigid roles are going away.”

It is worth noting that not all freelancers in the US freelance by choice. It is believed only around 60% are freelancing because they have chosen to do so. There has been a lot of criticism over the lack of support for the growing number of freelance workers in the US. While the US Affordable Care Act has widened the availability of healthcare insurance, which employers traditionally provide for their employees, not all changes have had a positive impact on employees, argues Sara Horowitz, founder and executive director of Freelancers Union.

She says:

“Freelancers are not eligible for subsidies and the options on the individual market are getting worse.”

Support services for freelancers such as pensions and training courses in the US can be hard to find. Many freelancers don’t have the labour market protections that regular workers get. The US at least seems to be recognising the need for better support for freelancers – the government have agreed to conduct a survey of contingent workers in 2017.

Sara Horowitz concludes:

“We have to be more imaginative. As profoundly as work is changing, the new work organisations are going to have to change too.”

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