Starting up a limited company? There’s a new smartphone app that may be just what you need to succeed. The app – called SmartUp – is receiving global attention for its ability to aid new entrepreneurs in securing funding, mentoring and life lessons about business.

The SmartUp app was developed by Founders Forum in an attempt to encourage new entrepreneurs across the globe – with a specific interest in those who might not otherwise have access to the tools, practical experience and mentoring that their developed country counterparts enjoy.

Each user receives targeted advice based on their Facebook or LinkedIn profile, as well as through the answers they give to questions similar to those asked by real investors. Each of the app’s features is designed to assist in giving new entrepreneurs real-world experience in dealing with various aspects of business, such as marketing and invoicing. For each success in these categories, users are awarded points, with the top users on a global scoreboard finding themselves in a prize draw to receive 1-2-1 mentoring from one of the experts attached to the app.

On top of these features, SmartUp also releases regular content created by said experts on different topics relevant to business ownership and success.

SmartUp has already been featured in the Apple store’s business section and reached critical acclaim, although some criticism has been levelled at the perceived ‘deal-flow’ for the experts involved. SmartUp’s supporters, however, have pointed out that the open-nature of the app means that anyone can identify the next generation of entrepreneurs from the user base.

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