London, with its vast ever lasting expansion into the rest of the country is a big place, finding your feet and your client base, especially if you’re new to the city can be tricky. Here’s a few hints and tips for you freelancers and contractors to find the right people you need to know.

Understand London.

Like I said, London is huge. But that only means there is an incredible amount of opportunities out there for you, if you know where to find them. Communities centralise themselves around a core area and this is no different for business, whether it be Canary Wharf for big finance or Camden for the cool trendy businesses. Work out where your audience lives and go talk to them.

Now you’ve found them, network.

Networking and networking events are a key part to any freelance or contractor business, you need to find people who need you. Now with a city this big it may get a little tricky, there are more than a few hundred networking events in London every week, so you may want to be more specific with your needs at any one time. Find an area you want to work with e.g. marketing – and throw yourself at industry networking events. is a great website which allows you to find specific networking events you need to be at. Handy for when you’re spoilt for choice.

Let people know what you do.

You’ve probably heard this before but time is money, and if you’re approaching a large company for work you need to know what you do down the breath pause in between the sentences. Learn your elevator pitch and be ready at a moments notice. Also, I would highly recommend business cards and a diary, take note of the key players in a room and work out when you can have meetings with them. The city is your oyster, go get it.

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