For contractors and freelancers, creating a client base is all about meeting people, understanding what they need and working out how you can help them achieve their goals. Networking and networking events are probably the most valuable tools for a contractors and freelancers. Here is a run down of some of the best places to be networking around Leeds this year.

Yorkshire Mafia

The ominous name aside, The Yorkshire Mafia is a county based business group that is proud of everything Yorkshire – they’re fantastic at promoting local businesses and promoting just Yorkshire itself. Membership for the group is free and with events taking part in Leeds and all across the county this is a perfect group to join if you’re looking to expand your business and your network around the county.

Leeds Chamber of Commerce

Cities Chamber of Commerce is an excellent place to get your business moving in the right direction, providing support in a variety of manners. Networking events are held regularly and give you the opportunity to perfect your elevator pitch, with 30 seconds to command the room and be noticed by your business community, breaking down any worries you might have of approaching large businesses. Non-members pay £22.50 for an event while members get a considerable discount.

The Contractor Club

For the more industrial contractors and freelancers The Contractor Club has nationwide events encompassing all things industry. With the latest industry news and discussions on working conditions this is a great opportunity to meet your fellow workmen and women, while making a dent in your contact book.

There are plenty of places and spaces to meet potential clients in and around Leeds; all it takes is the gusto and gumption to do so.

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