The Cloud has become synonymous with most things technological these days, but you’d be surprised by the benefits you could enjoy by moving other business processes onto the cloud – not least your bookkeeping. As avid fans of Cloud-based accounting, we took a look at exactly why you should make the move – and how Gorilla can help your business adjust.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

One of the main selling points of the Cloud is its ability to connect individuals and teams with systems and software in different locations. In the case of bookkeeping, this means the freedom to check your business’ accounts wherever you are and at any time, day or night; there’s no longer any need to be bound to your spreadsheets or wondering if a client has paid whilst you’re on the go.

Automates Accounting Processes

With Cloud-based bookkeeping, you’re essentially removing a lot of the work involved with keeping an eye on your business’ finances. By automating processes such as sending invoices and bank feed updates, you’ll be saving time that can be used on more profitable activities.

Keep Connected with Your Accountant

While the Cloud connecting you with your accounts sounds great, it doesn’t make you an accountant– instead, it allows you and your accountant to be on the same page, looking at the same real-time figures. This improved synergy will ensure your accountant is working to help your business achieve its potential while being realistic about cash-flow and finances.


At Gorilla Accounting, we’ve partnered with FreeAgent bookkeeping software. Why did we choose FreeAgent Software? Because this is Cloud-based software built for contractors, freelancers and smaller businesses – the bulk of our fantastic clients. FreeAgent provides a clear, easy to use service, tailored to small businesses and contractors to cut out any of the fear induced by being bombarded with spreadsheets and numbers, allowing our clients to keep track of their finances with ease. 

If you’re thinking of moving your bookkeeping up to the Cloud, get in touch with Gorilla to find out how we can provide Cloud-based accounting services, partnered with FreeAgent – a solution with you in mind.