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Our hunt is finally over, but not for long. We were on the lookout for two Accountants, ready to help drive the Gorilla Accounting brand forward, a New Business Manager that knows the industry like the palm of her hand, and a Marketing Exec that’s digitally clued-up.

We’re proud to welcome our four new recruits to the Gorilla Accounting team–Rachel Bates(New Business Manager),Danielle Bynoe(Marketing Executive),Nabeel Ahmad(Accountant) andJordan Reeve(Accountant). Here are thebio’s:

Rachel Bates

What sort of personality would you say you have?

Hmmm, I’m professional, sophisticated with a bubbly side, hard-working and determined.

What relevant past experience do you have?

I’ve always worked in Sales. I started out in Advertising and Marketing at Yellow Pages, and then during the last 4 years, I worked in the Umbrella Payroll Industry from Account Manager to Business Development Manager.

What actor/actress would you be?

I’m torn between Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side!

Nabeel Ahmad

What sort of personality would you say you have?

I’m a dedicated and honest accountant that always strives to help others to the best of my abilities and knowledge.

What relevant past experience do you have?

I have a lot of experience working with different accountancy firms for Contractors and Freelancers.

Why Gorilla Accounting?

Gorilla Accounting is an accountancy firm for Contractors and Freelancers, and until this day, it lies with its founders. We aren’t backed by a private equity firm and we don’t answer to a hierarchy of management staff, never to be seen. We share the same vision and ambitions of the Contractors and Freelancers that we work with.

We’re a closely-knit team, and we strive to make the working lives of our employees as knowledgeable and enjoyable as can be –Meet our team.

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If you would like more information about Gorilla Accounting, get in touch by calling 0330 024 0406 or email