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It is well acknowledged that within the UK, healthcare professionals such as hospital doctors, consultants, general practitioners, surgeons and other specialists within the field, may be employed traditionally or work for themselves as a limited company or even receive salary through a PAYE system of the organisation they are employed by, and earn further income through private practice.

These different formats of employment obviously have various different methods of remuneration. As these alternative forms of employment become more widely explored, it is increasingly important for medical professionals to become informed of the benefits of each system, the complications that may arise and the best ways to maximise their income via tax management.

For this reason, it is becoming common for healthcare professionals to consult with accountants to effectively manage their employment strategy and tax returns. To facilitate this, specialist medical accountants have become established to provide accountancy services specifically to individuals that are within a medical profession. They ensure that healthcare specialists are fully aware of government updates that may affect the compliance of each method of working and provide advice on the best way to maximise income. The advantages of liaising with a specialist medical accountant are inarguable, as well as possessing in-depth knowledge of the latest compliance updates the specialist accountant will also recognise that the approach to managing accounts and taxation for each medical professional requires a unique approach that is bespoke to the individual. A hired professional can focus attention to overcome specific challenges regularly encountered within the healthcare professional sector.

In general, outsourcing accountancy services to a specialist medical accountant is associated with greater cost savings and outcomes due to the use of superior accountancy systems and more streamlined processes. The benefits of hiring a professional for accountancy services for the limited company or practice management are obvious, although here is a compiled list of just some of them:

Improves cash flow

Irrespective of the method of employment (limited company or running a practice) consultation with a specialist medical accountant enables clients to experience a constant cash flow, with professional tracking of business accounts facilitating the quicker collection of invoices. Clients can maximise income by enabling an accountancy specialist to complete all medical billing efficiently.

Ensures compliance

Companies providing accountancy services ensure that adhering to compliance is integrated into all operations and can even improve these services by including audits.

Maximises income

One of the major incentives for consulting with a specialist medical accountant is the savings individuals may make on salaries. Professional accountants are able to effectively manage business accounts and analyse annual accounts to identify methods to improve income and expenditure. Furthermore, they are also able to ensure that the medical professional is using the appropriate tax code and suggest the superior legal entity to operate within to maximise profits.

Reduces billing errors

Professional and experienced specialist medical accountants will have extensive knowledge of how best to implement an effective billing system whilst minimising errors and maintaining accuracy. In addition, specialist medical accountants will ensure invoicing occurs in a timely matter and can efficiently manage any invoice related queries received.

Can improve worker satisfaction

By providing a unique and accurate service, specialist medical accountants allow workers to exclusively focus on their medical profession with the assurance that their revenue is effectively being managed and alleviates the pressure of managing invoicing, business accounts and compliance. An indirect implication of this is often improved patient satisfaction; this is due to the medical practitioner having more time to dedicate to the customer service of their patients or running the practice.

Overall, due to medical professionals working under differing conditions, their accounts are not necessarily straightforward or easy to manage and the compliance surrounding this differs greatly between individuals. By offering bespoke and tailored services, specialist medical accountants can assist with effective management strategies whilst alleviating the pressures health care professionals often encounter when managing complex finances.

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