Starting out as a freelancer can be a daunting process – especially when it comes to finding new clients. It can, however, be easy enough if you market yourself in the right way. Check out our advice below and watch as the clients start heading your way.

  • An Online Portfolio

Putting your work in plain sight for everyone to see is a great way of demonstrating what you’re capable of. Making such a portfolio online is as easy as creating a website to house it. Remember to be sure that you have your clients’ permission if you’re using any examples from their projects.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become overwhelmingly popular for businesses nowadays because it’s both cheap and has a wider reach than traditional marketing. Start off small with some Twitter networking and tweet to other freelancers, businesses and potential clients. Over on LinkedIn, remember to update your profile and keep your skills up to date to show your network what you’re capable of – the whole site is essentially your online CV, so make the most of that.

  • Offline Networking

Of course the internet isn’t everything, and traditional offline networking is still as wildly popular as ever. Try a taster session or ask an associate or friend to invite you along to an event to get the chance to network with interesting people.

  • Business Cards

You know what goes great with offline networking? Business cards. Keep your details to hand on branded cards wherever you go – even if it’s just to the shop or your GP, because you never know who you might meet who might be interested in working with you. Believe us when we say it could happen anywhere!

  • Use Freelancer Websites

In an earlier blog, we talked about freelancer job sites and how useful they can be when there’s a lull in new projects. Of course there isn’t anything stopping you from using these sites from the get-go to build up a base of fresh clients – the likes of oDesk, Elance, PeoplePerHour and Guru will help to develop skills, create a wider portfolio and, of course, bring money through the door.

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