London is the financial capital of the world. For such a comparatively small city, it packs a lot of punch on the global stage. That said, the freelance population in London has a rather hit and miss reputation. Of course, with a large city, you will get the odd con man, out to rip people off. But London especially seems to have a large number of freelancers that just don’t provide the service they offer. Whether that comes down to the cost of living in London being so high, or the high level of competition. This inevitably has led to a large increase in the number of people outsourcing overseas for a fraction of the cost.

Lack Of Trust

There does seem to be a distinct lack of trust in people who work for themselves. One of the fundamental reasons for this is that many do freelance work in conjunction with a normal job. We all understand the pressures of work and it can often be tough to fit everything in. In a city such as London, with so many freelance workers, it really can be hard to find someone who you can trust. Naturally a freelancer only gets work on the back of his/her reputation but finding that golden worker can be a difficult ask.

Leap of Faith

Do some research? It is important to speak to as many people as possible before you offer work to a freelancer. If I am being honest, that applies to anyone you get to work for you. Someone who comes recommended is certainly the best avenue to go down and if that takes a little time then you should be willing to wait.


Lazy is perhaps a harsh word to use but overworked isn’t. In a city such as London, with people working 12-hour days as the norm, it isn’t difficult to see why some freelancers burn out. It is important to get a dialogue going, get some dates for work to be completed and keep in regular contact to make sure the deadlines are met.

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