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Recent studies carried out by a specialist locum agency has reported that ‘one in seven’ practices are heavily relying on locums to cover their workload. Due to recent changes within the Locum market, the research states that over 20% of the workforce are now being handled by locums.

The reason for the increase in locum staffing is due to the inability to find and recruit full-time GPs. Hiring skilled GPs has been a long term issue for many practices throughout the UK. The GP workforce are now understanding the workload pressures associated with being a traditional partner, and pro-actively seeking out locum roles.

Over the past year, acute hospitals and community health centres have seen an increase of around 4% in the use of locums.

In 2015, £3.3 billion was spent by the NHS on agency staff, and as the market has continued to grow, the reports to be published later this year expect this to have risen. With this much demand for Locums in the UK, it is an ideal time to work on a contract basis.

If you are currently working within the pharmaceutical market and contemplating working on a contract base now is an ideal time. For more information on how to get started as a contractor please give us a call on 0330 024 0406.