When working for yourself – either as a freelancer, contractor or a limited company owner – it will quickly become apparent to you that you are the first (and only) port of call for clients; better add ‘customer service liaison’ to your LinkedIn profile! In the early days, this may seem like a great opportunity to forge long-lasting relationships, but others will go on to feel too engaged with clients, without enough time being spent on work. The best way to remedy this? Keep in touch regularly! Here’s why it’s a top priority, no matter how much you dislike it:

They Feel Secure

First and foremost, a secure client is a happy client – and a happy client is loyal. By keeping in touch with your clients, they’ll know you as the supplier who always returns their calls or who takes an interest in their holiday destinations. Such contact and feelings of security make clients far more likely to stick with you, and builds those relationships you so desperately need. Although a phone call is great, if you’re not that way inclined try a weekly email catch up instead.

You Could Get More Work

Loyal clients who are impressed with how much you care about them are more likely to respond by recommending you and your services to friends, family and other businesses they come across. On top of this, your clients will think of you first when they need additional services which you may be able to provide, and will approach your new proposals favourably and with greater interest.

They’re Less Likely to Chase You

This is a bizarre piece of psychology, but clients who know you’re available are less likely to hound you. Simply letting clients know that they can get in touch if they have any questions or that you’d be happy to talk them through some work shows you’re availability and openness. From this, they get the security we spoke about above, and feel less of a need to keep checking on you – they know you’re there when and if they need you.

You Look Proactive

Updating clients on how their work going is a fast track to impressing them. Too often, clients have to chase a freelancer or ask for an update, but by scheduling in a quick call or discussion, you can let your clients know that you’re proactive and on the ball.

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