The growth in demand for IT contractors has continued to decrease into September for the sixth month in a row. Published earlier this month, the monthly report for IT contractors by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation scored demand at 58.6, compared with 58.7 that was seen in August.

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This means growth in IT contractor demand remains low as the REC’s index proves the weakest score for temporary technology workers seen in just over two years.

Despite demand hitting this low, any score received by the REC that is above 50 suggests the demand for this profession is still strong although it may have been higher in previous months.

Furthermore, hourly rates of pay for temporary professionals increased yet again, although this was the weakest rate of growth seen in the past 18 months.

The report states that pay continues to be on the up and is likely to be “welcomed by [temporary] workers,” however some in the IT sector are experiencing the opposite to these reports.

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