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IR35 is a big point of interest in the contracting sector right now. This government legislation has been designed to clamp down on disguised employment, these are the people who for all intents and purposes are employed but take advantage of contractor tax benefits. 

Whilst it’s easy to appreciate why IR35 was introduced, it has been a minefield for many contractors who are now unsure as to whether they fall under the definition of an employee or not. 

HMRC has taken steps to simplify this process for contractors by creating the ‘Check Employment Status for Tax’ tool (CEST) online, however it only seems to have led to further confusion with 15% of users receiving inconclusive results. 

What does this mean for Contractors? 

With HMRC putting a big onus on IR35, they want to see that companies have made a viable, proactive effort to ascertain their status, and it’s for this reason that Gorilla Accounting has decided to work with Larsen Howie.

The team at Larsen Howie have an extensive background supporting contractors throughout the financial sector, from professional business insurances, legal protection and more.

How can Larsen Howie help my business?

This rapidly growing service now specialises in providing in-depth IR35 reviews to contractors, helping you to accurately determine your true employment status in the eyes of HMRC. This valuable information can have huge repercussions for your future tax planning as well as impacting on the direction of your business. You may ultimately decide to change your working habits to preserve your contractor status or look at switching permanently to an employed position.

By undertaking a thorough review with an IR35 professional, you’ll have demonstrated to HMRC that you’ve taken reasonable steps to understand your correct status. It’s also advisable to look at regular refresher reviews to ensure that you don’t fall inside IR35 and lose your ability to claim contractor benefits.

There are four different types of IR35 contract reviews available from Larsen Howie – Assessment, Full Review, Refresher and Convert. Each one has been designed to cater for different contractor scenarios and they each include services such as: 

  • Overall inside/outside opinion
  • A succinct list of essential changes
  • Agency and end client liaison
  • Highlighting required insurances
  • Comments on each applicable contract clause
  • Guidance on legislation for extending contracts
  • Guidance on switching to contracting
  • Working practices review

Each option is available with a standard five business day turnaround or a next day express service depending on the urgency of your query. You’ll even be able to upload documents online direct to their consultants to help expedite the review process. Larsen Howie offer discounted IR35 reviews to Gorilla Accounting clients, please get in touch for more information. 

For more information on Gorilla Accounting’s partnership with Larsen Howie or to register your interest in appointing us as your accountant, contact a member of the team today and find out how we can add value to your business.