Industry Spotlight RPA

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the ability to implement a piece of technology known as a ‘Robot’ into an existing, large data infrastructure. Once installed, it is then the robots role to adapt tothe existing platforms language. The application will then process the data to match the users requirements. The application can assist with transactions, manipulate the data and communicate with other connected digital systems.

Companies which currently employ a team which manually generate large volume, transactional processes should see major financial and performance benefits from implementing a bot. Implementing this technology will speed up processes and boost efficiency. Robots are precise, and once set-up removes the possibility of human error.

There are a variety of bots available which are dependent on which industry you operate in. For example, Industrial Robots are programmatic, and have the ability to be automated and move on two or more axes. Unlike Industrial Robots, you can apply the RPA technology to a wider range of industries.

Robotic Automation Process software

Presentation Process Automation amends the presentation layer of the intended platform. There are no requirements to update security access, nor amend the systems database. This type of process is driven by a member of the operation team, as you’d treat the bot like you would a new employee.

RPA is mainly intended to replace the need for admin staff. The bot can upscale and conduct automated roles which can be easily taught. Once the application is installed, your overheads will begin to decrease.

Who would use RPA?

RPA can be scaled up or down dependant on the size of the organisation. RPA is not a one size fits all, however, if you are medium – large sized organisation which require a team of admin workers, implement RPA will be save time. These workers roles must be heavily rules-based, repetitive and structured. Investing in an RPA software would be a money saving investment.

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