Avoid Errors

Only one letter difference could blow your chances of landing your dream contract! Punctuation and grammatical errors could give your potential client reason to believe you are careless due to a lack of thought gone into your CV. Candidates are chopped down by inconsistency and if you have errors, you’re essentially shooting yourself in the foot. We advise that you get a relative or friend to review your CV as it can be difficult to notice your own mistakes.

Two Pages Maximum

There has been a vast amount of research about the length of a perfect CV and the majority of this suggests two pages. This length is ideal as this provides enough information that the potential client may believe is beneficial however, is not too long that you become bored and stop reading. 

How to Write the Perfect CV: A Gorilla Guide | Contractor Accountants

Do Not Write a Job Description

Your CV must be filled with a number of successes. However, you should not leave it there, explain in depth not only what you’ve done but also the success of this. Even in the contract world, it is individuals with a record of consistency and high standard of work who end up with interviews.

Should You Mass Produce?

Your CV should never be produced like this. You should tailor your CV to meet the demands of the role and position of each role you’re applying for. You may have numerous skills and experiences, but they might not be necessary for the role you’re applying for.

It Has to be Appealing and Irresistible

Your CV can be your best friend if it is correctly laid out, however it can become your worst enemy if you fail to follow the tips provided above. Of course this may take time getting it right, but this could be the difference between landing your dream contract in Brazil versus not securing a contract at all.

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