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How to Start Out as a Contractor or Freelancer

Starting out as a contractor or freelancer is probably one of the most nerve-racking things you can do. You’ve been working full time for as long as you can remember when you realise you want a change and choose to take control of your future.

Leaving your secure job may seem likely a fairly reckless thing to start off with, but in this blog post, Gorilla Accounting will be taking a look at how to start out as a contractor or freelancer.

Having vast amounts of experience in the contractor and freelancer industry, Gorilla understand what it means to be a part of the ever-growing industry.

Plan and Research

It goes without saying, but if you do not have a solid plan prior to starting, it’s more than likely not going to succeed.

As a contractor or freelancer, you’re your own boss. This means you’re in charge of how much work comes in, and you will need to keep on any competitor actions to make sure you succeed in the industry.

Prior to leaving your current job, devise a plan outlining your service and what you will offer. Once you’ve done this you will have a better understanding of who’s already out there and how you can tailor this to improve your service.

Establish and Maintain Strong Connections

As explained in our previous blog post about “how to stand out as a contractor” it’s important to establish and maintain strong connections.

When starting out as a freelancer or contractor, the first thing that should be on your mind is to get in touch with every single person you have ever worked with and let them know your decision. Becoming your own boss can be a scary thing and securing work is detrimental to ensuring you have a successful experience as a contractor or freelancer.

Keep on top of any connections you may have, you never know where they could lead you.

Never Stop Learning

Becoming a contractor or freelancer can be a very exciting prospect. With this in mind, you will already have developed a certain set of skills which allow you to be confident enough to go it alone.

Although this should never be an excuse for laziness, and any opportunities that arise should be taken if it means you can improve your knowledge or expand your current skill set.

Make an effort to learn something new every day and keep developing your service. Going the extra mile and demonstrating further knowledge will allow you to secure more work in the future.