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There are around 2 million freelancers scattered across the UK, this includes those who work freelance in main jobs, and in second jobs. As this figure is on the rise, end-clients can cherry pick from a whole bank of candidates, which means that you’ll need to stand out.

Freelancing has been the fastest growing occupation since 2008, according to an IPSE report, with 123,000 freelancers in the IT and telecommunications profession.

The profession allows you to seek more professional opportunities, along with freedom of choice, so it’s no wonder that a large chunk of the British workforce is feeling attracted to the freelancing lifestyle.

We’ve rounded up five ways you can stand out from the crowd as a freelancer:

1. Use Instagram as a portfolio

Take advantage of the visual nature of Instagram and showcase your work to audiences around the world. The power of Instagram for freelancers is something that’s all the too familiar for IPSE Freelancer of the Year Finalist, Buttercrumble Creative.

The West Yorkshire, based sister-duo are professional illustrators/graphic designers, striking successfully as freelancers. They use Instagram to showcase client work, new illustrative creations, and following their success; they have launched a collection of art prints that can be worn as scarves.

Buttercrumble have used Instagram to establish their brand which is inspired by mid-century and scandinavian design. By managing their brand across Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and Twitter, Buttercrumble have clearly established their brand, and showcased their portfolio along the way.

2.If you’re a success story, take advantage

If you’re a home grown, significantly successful freelancer, news organisations will pounce on nothing faster that a locally based success story, unless it’s breaking news. It’s time to get rid of the shyness and take advantage of your success by giving your PR coverage a leg-up, and what better place to start than right at home.

If you’re a freelancer making it, if you’re wildly creative, if your work shouts individuality, and if you’re increasingly in demand; you may be on the road to success. Tell your story to a local news organisation, or spread it through online platforms to stir interest.

Do some research on your competition by heading over to the press section of their websites, see how leading Instagram foodie, and cake maker, Georgia Green, made it in Mail Online and Metro.

3. Increase in demand, increase in price

This depends on individual circumstance, but of course, once your work picks up, it only makes sense to increase your prices – but keep it competitive. If you’re just testing the waters, it may be worth starting off moderately low, until trade picks up.

4. Be more than your work

If you’re in the creative sector, forming an Instagram profile can help showcase your work and establish your brand. Instagram will practically be the pea in your pod. If you’re a copywriter, it only makes sense to showcase your personal passion for writing through a consistent blog. If you’re a website developer, showcase the highest of your skills through the development of your own website. It seems like a no brainer, but this is an element that’s often overlooked.

5. Connections, Connections, Connections

If you have a valuable contact, see if you can co-chair an event with them, or work in partnership to get your name out there. This usually works if you’re genuinely in close contact with them, otherwise it may be defined as exploiting. LinkedIn is designed to establish connections, so take advantage.

Taking an active approach at standing out as a freelancer can help establish your brand much quicker than hoping that a potential client will stumble on your website.

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