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Contracting and Freelancing is becoming an increasingly attractive option for the UK population as there are 159,200 more freelancers than in 2008, with London being the fastest growing region.

If you identify yourself as a ‘veteran contractor’ with years of experience under your belt, or if you’re just starting out, it may be worth keeping a close eye on how you market yourself. If you’re already on-board with online marketing techniques, find out if you’re missing out on any tricks.

There’s no disadvantage to sticking to traditional ways of marketing yourself; business cards, online networking, local job boards- they all prove to be affective, but as technology advances, so do marketing techniques.

We’ve rounded up how you can use modern technology to effectively market yourself and drum up some business:

Facebook Groups

Did you know that by using Facebook Advanced Search, you can find location based groups such as: ‘looking for a handyman’, ‘I need help marketing my website’, ‘need Maths tutor asap’, and so on. You can narrow this down to ‘date posted’, so if you’re a freelancer looking for a speedy, short-term job, it can be a valuable tool.

This method could be quite consuming as you will be required to filter through a variety of groups, finding a job that fits your skills, location and daily rate. Once you complete a job sourced from a Facebook group, you’ll be able to establish your profile which could drive more business your way. This method of job sourcing, works hand in hand with modern marketing as you’re exposing your profile to a virtually based client group.

Online Profile

To kick-start your online profile, you need establish an online presence. Ensure to produce a ‘go-to’ point, such as a website so potential customers can learn more about your skill-set, personality, past projects and past clients.

Reflecting your personality is a requirement that tends to set you apart from competitors in the online world. If you connect with individuals or businesses that could influence your online profile, make sure to keep in contact. This could help in terms online credibility as this will influence searchability to your website. Keeping an up-to-date log of testimonials can also help with online credibility as it adds to the trust factor.

The next platform is a no-brainer to online networking – LinkedIn. The platform will allow you to create an online CV that’s accessible to other users, who can then endorse your skills.

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