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Research carried out by the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) in association with data from Confederation of British Industry (CBI), states that 69% of companies in the UK are worried about recruiting workers with top-level skills.

The amount of companies which are now concerned about the lack of skilled workers are up by a staggering 14%, compared to the previous years survey. Of the 500 respondents, 29% state that they are worried solely on a numeracy skills basis, and further 32% raised concerns for quality literacy skills.

“A successful future for the whole UK rests on our education and skills system” states Josh Hardie, the deputy director-general of CBI.

“Following the vote to leave the EU, the UK must carve out a new economic future, and this is an area where we must take action to support our competitiveness and prosperity. Getting the skills and education system right across the country, particularly in partnership with the devolved nations, will be a big challenge.”

CIPD also discovered that 71% of businesses are now offering apprenticeship schemes – a 5% increase on last year’s findings. Finally, 45% of employers believe the difference will cause them to inflate prices or begin to reduce margins.