In October on a cold winter morning, 20 employees of Gorilla Accounting decided to take on one of their biggest challenges yet, the ‘Hell Runner’, one of the toughest half marathons in the UK. Despite the fact that the clue really is in the name I don’t think any of us were prepared for the extremities we were about to put ourselves through!

Gorilla Accounting Take on the Hell Runner | Gorilla Contractor Accountants

As much as we would like to say we decided to take part in this for fun, it was more importantly to raise money for a great charity, Bolton Lads and Girls Club. Gorilla Accounting is proud to be a patron of this charity which, since 1887 has provided the young people of Bolton with support when they need it the most. We are extremely proud to say that so far we have raised £1,050 thanks to the generosity of friends, family and fellow colleagues.

Most of the group miraculously came away unscathed, although it’s fair to say we’ll all be hobbling around for the next few days. The mud runs and swamps including the ‘Bog of Doom’ and ‘Lucifer’s Lido’ which we had to tackle have left most of us aching in places we didn’t know existed. There really is no other way to describe some parts of the course other than the name itself, hell! The mud runs were chest high on some of the participators and the bitterly cold, reed infested swamps left us shivering, sending us into a state of shock!

It is safe to say that the team felt a range of emotions during this gruelling experience. There were moments of laughter, pain and joy, especially when the finish line came into sight! The sense of achievement once we had completed this treacherous course along with the money raised however, really did make every second worth it.

We really appreciate all of the support and donations which have been made so far and if you still wish to make a contribution it’s not too late. Please go to our justgiving page to donate –