Seneca Group to launch new contractor accounting business.

Gorilla Accounting, a refreshingly modern solution to contractor and PSC accounting has been launched from the Seneca Group. Gorilla will offer a slick and technology driven accountancy service to contractors and personal service companies – anyone who is self-employed and provides services through a limited company.

The Gorilla Accounting service offering is specifically designed to satisfy the accounting requirements of individuals, contractors and freelancers who trade through their own limited company. We understand the disruptions bookkeeping and other accounting activities can have on contractor’s daily work routines. With this in mind, all Gorilla Accounting customers will be able to access cloud accounting software through a variety of devices. In addition, the allocation of a dedicated accountant and the Gorilla same day response guarantee ensures that any queries posed by customers will be answered swiftly.

Director Dan Fallows comments “Gorilla has been formed to offer a simple, competitive and slick offering to contractors and the self-employed. There is a real demand from busy contractors for a simple, slick and non-baffling accountancy service. There is no different packages, no gold membership for higher premiums or anything like that, Gorilla is simple, to the point and highly efficient. As more and more people become self-employed, there is a strong market for a product like Gorilla.”

Here at Gorilla Accounting we’re proud to support all business, we offer many services including accounting for contractors.

Check out our press release on the Business Desk website.