Is business a lot quieter all of a sudden – or has it simply not taken off yet? Don’t be disheartened when work is slow to come in, as it’s often a growing pain of becoming a freelancer – and there’ll likely always be busier times. Instead, supplement longer-term work using online sources of freelance revenue. We’ve collected a handful of websites to help you get started and on the path to getting busy!


For creative freelancers, there’s almost always someone looking to give you work. Fiverr has become a hotspot for creative types to showcase what they can do – and get paid for it. Despite what the name would have you think, services only begin at a ‘fiver’, so there’s no need to be worried about under charging. Besides, additional parts of your service can be broken up as optional extras, boosting the fee further. Fiverr also has a secure payment service to ensure clients don’t shirk their payment responsibilities, and is overall a great option for smaller, creative projects.


If you’re looking to branch out further than your local area (especially in the realms of virtual assistance), then oDesk is for you. By setting up a profile and advertising your various skills (creative, data entry, marketing etc.), you can attract the attention of businesses from around the world. oDesk also features skill tests that can be undertaken to support your claim of expertise – these can be repeated to improve on your skills as well.

People Per Hour

If you’re used to being part of larger projects in your time as a freelancer, then People Per Hour is the chance to do more of the same in quiet times. A range of different businesses use People Per Hour – which charges by an hourly rate, as the name would suggest – and there’s the potential to be involved in a wide variety of exciting projects, such as website design, mobile app creation and branding exercises. Even a few small projects here and there could help tie you over until more long-term work comes your way.


A search engine, rather than a site – and something you may not have expected to see in this article – Google has put freelancers in a better position than ever: use it to locate nearby networking groups, job boards, forums and advice-filled articles to give business the bolster it needs. With the entire internet at your fingertips, it makes sense to use it to get your name out there for long-term, offline results. Give it a try!

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